Peace Love and Ketones – Ketogenic Diet

Peace Love and Ketones- Ketogenic Diet     Hey friends. I know it's been a while since my last post and I apologize. Life has been keeping me pretty busy lately but it's all been good.... well, for the most part. ;) Which leads me to this blog post... Peace Love and Ketones- Ketogenic Diet. I'll [...]

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Mila® 100% Micro Sliced Chia

Mila® 100% Micro Sliced Chia I know you've heard all the hype about chia seeds but I'm here to tell ya that Mila is NOT your typical grocery store/garden variety of chia seeds. Mila is 100% pure micro sliced chia! Just one peek into the bag and you can see the difference in the quality [...]

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Cleanse Balance Build

Cleanse, Balance, Build AKA the Core products in the Genesis Pure line. We believe that in order to have optimum health you need to cleanse the body of the toxins, balance the hormones and PH and build the body back up with pure, potent nutrition or what I like to call my 1, 2, 3 healthy punch! [...]

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10 Lessons I’ve Learned from Multi Level Marketing

10 Lessons I've Learned from Multi Level Marketing   I did this live video on Facebook today and figured I'm make this more of a VLOG to share here too. I hope it brings some value to those of you interested enough to spend 18 minutes to listen to it. :) OR you can check [...]

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Women’s March Wasn’t For Me

Women's March Wasn't For Me In the beginning I wasn't sure what this march was about. I wasn't invited, no doubt because I wasn't someone who "Liked" the Occupy Democrats page or wasn't a part of Democrat FB groups or wasn't invited by one of my democrat friends because they knew I voted for Trump. <---That [...]

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Midlife Contemplation

Midlife Contemplation I went down the rabbit hole on the world wide web this afternoon and ran across a website that peaked my interest. This particular page was called "The 12 Stages of Life" and it was on a website for the American Institute for Learning and Human Development.   Well I looked at the [...]

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Shakeology vs Daily Build

Shakeology vs Daily Build Why I traded my beloved Shakeology for Daily Build. To be fair, there really is no comparison. One is a shake and one is a liquid multivitamin. But when you look at WHY people like me drink Shakeology everyday, it's not because we necessarily want to drink a shake everyday. We [...]

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MSM Organic Sulfur

MSM Organic Sulfur-The macro mineral we all need to know more about.   First let me tell you that all MSM Organic Sulfur is NOT created equal. Don’t even waste your money trying to purchase it at your average drug store, it won’t work like ours does. The Organic Sulfur that my company produces is [...]

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