5K’s-Marathons-Obstacle Course Races, Why You Should Sign Up For One Today

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5K’s-Marathons-Obstacle Course Races, Why You Should Sign Up For One Today

Obstacle Course Races

You guys that have been reading my blog for awhile know that my new obsession is obstacle course races.  As I have mentioned before it took a lot for me to enter my first one.  However, once I finished it I was officially hooked.

So why should you sign up for one today?

Tough Mudder First of all challenging yourself is a good way to see where you are.  If you want to know how your fitness training is going, an obstacle course race will be a great test.  Whether you pass or fail you will have a much better idea of your level of fitness.

Secondly, having a date on the calendar to train for is great motivation.  There is nothing like a date on a calendar to keep you going.  Having a goal is good.  Having a specific goal, by a specific point in time is even better.  Knowing that you have to be ready on a certain date can be the difference between you skipping a workout and you getting through it even though you don’t feel like it that day.

Finally, and more importantly they are FUN!  Obstacle Course Races are just fun.  Obstacle Course Races are what human being are built for.  Not to mention, it is a great way to meet new people that share you sense of adventure that are interested in fitness as much as you are.  It is a great way to experience camaraderie between the participants.  Getting outside and getting moving is what fitness is all about.  Why not add a little adventure into the mix and challenge yourself.  If you are curious about OCR’s message me.  I obviously love talking about them, and would love to help you find your first one.

Obstacle Course Races

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