8 Ways to Conquer Your Cravings Forever

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8 Ways to Conquer Your Cravings Forever

8 Ways to Conquer Your Cravings


To Crave means to have a powerful desire for something. We’ve ALL had these insane desires from time to time. Some of us more than others.

By definition to Conquer means to “successfully overcome (a problem or weakness)”.

In short, if you found this blog post in your search of a way to conquer your food cravings once and for all, you have come to the right place. Welcome to my humble blog. I hope you like it here and gain some value today. I promise to give you some helpful insight and share with you 8 ways to conquer your cravings.

 It turns out that food cravings are actually caused by areas of the brain that are responsible for memory, reward, and pleasure. Therefore when we eat certain foods they can have a similar effect on the brain’s reward center as a drug addict has when they are getting high.
Let’s go back a few years. When was the first time you started relating food to happiness? I can go back to when I was pretty young and my mom would reward me with a good trip to the dentist office with a milkshake. On birthdays we always celebrated with pizza, I’m sure this is because my mom didn’t like cake which always kinda made me sad.  Which, consequently, makes me love, desire &  appreciate cake on my birthdays even more as I got older.
Do you have a trigger food? One that makes you want more and more after having just one bite? For me, it’s Jif peanut butter. Funny thing is, after I switched to the All Natural Jif I no longer felt that insatiable desire. Which brings me to another evil entity you should consider when contemplating what makes you have such strong cravings. Is it really the peanut butter I was craving or what was IN it?
Perhaps it’s the additives and preservatives that the food companies are putting in the foods today that are making us crave more and more of their creamy, crunchy, salty, sweet and delightfully addictive foods. Ever thought about that?!

It’s TRUE! Those greedy suckers are out to GET US and they KNOW what it takes to make us CRAVE more and more and we happily PAY FOR IT… with our hard earned dollars and our health.

Now… let’s get your emotions and stress levels in check. Take a good, hard look at your life. How are you dealing with it? Many of us eat just to feel better and that can be triggered by memories that go back to when we were young and our moms tried to feed our heartaches. Did you ever snack with friends during all night study binges? Does your job make you crazy? Maybe you don’t have time to eat the way you should so you binge when you get home? How about when someone tells us we shouldn’t eat something so we do it just to rebel? #BeenThereDoneThatToo
Listen. It’s OK. I got your back! I’ve been where you are and I know how to get out of this viscous cycle. I’m not gonna tell you that it’s easy but I will tell you that it’s definitely doable with proper planning and I highly recommend finding an accountability partner to do it with. If you’re married or have a room mate, try to get them on board with you. Don’t push or beg though, just ASK and let them know that it would mean a lot to you if they would support you in your efforts to improve your health. If they won’t join you, it’s OK. You can find plenty of support groups and friends online that will be more than willing to help you out.

Finally, here are the 8 Ways To Conquer Your Cravings Forever…

#1.  The easiest way to get started is by getting rid of what you KNOW you shouldn’t eat. If’ it’s not within your reach, chances are you won’t go make the extra effort to go out and get it at 9:00 at night. Clean out the fridge, pantry & cabinets. If you can’t buy it around the perimeter of the grocery store, chances are it’s processed and full of chemicals and isn’t gonna do you any favors so get rid of it. Seek out organic options whenever available and always look for hormone free, steroid free, cage free, free range food labels.
#2.  Create a healthy & balanced meal plan. If you’re not sure how to do this I recommend starting with this grocery list and creating some meals from it. If you need more help, I highly recommend the Eat Clean Diet Cookbooks by Tosca Reno, you can find them on Amazon.com. There are also some amazing resources at www.Bodybuilding.com. 
#3. Cleanse your body of the toxins, balance your PH & hormones and build your body up with serious nutrition. Did you know that cancer can not thrive in an oxygenated, alkaline body? The sad fact is, it really doesn’t matter how healthy you eat, chances are you are never going to get all the nutrition your body needs so you NEED to supplement with the right stuff & get as alkaline as possible. I looked long and hard and finally found some pure, non GMO, organic products that truly made a difference for me. If you’d like to learn more about them, let me know in the comments below or send me an email at lyndasuttles@gmail.com and title it Cleanse Balance Build for more info.
#4.  Drink lots of water! This is one of the easiest ways to reduce food cravings and hunger while making sure you are properly hydrated. It’s also a great way to help flush out those toxins, some of which might be triggering your cravings.
#5.  Get plenty of sleep. A study done in 2013 showed that not getting enough sleep could actually jack up your body’s hormonal imbalance and lead to overeating and inevitably weight gain.
#6.  Eat more protein! Another study found that overweight men were able to reduce their cravings by up to an incredible 60% just by getting 25% of their daily calorie intake from protein! That very same study found that a high protein diet helped reduce the desire for nighttime snacks by 50%!
#7. Reward yourself wisely. We’ve all been rewarded with food for a job well done at one time or another. How about we start rewarding ourselves with a massage when we hit a milestone or non scale victory worth celebrating? Or a new pair of tennis shoes for every 300-500 miles we put on them! A mani & pedi would be well deserved for not missing a scheduled workout every 14 days. Allow yourself to get that new dress you’ve been desiring when you get down to that goal size for it.
#8. When you reach your goal, DON’T STOP THERE. It’s so easy to backslide and get right back where you started from once you reach a goal so don’t stop when you reach it, SET A NEW GOAL! Plan a vacation you want to look good for or challenge yourself to train a race you never thought you could do before.
I hope this helps you understand that you are ultimately in control of what goes in your mouth. Sometimes you just need the right motivation to get started. For me, it’s trying on jeans in a dressing room with a very unforgiving mirror or taking a look at a very unflattering picture that a relative took and posted on Facebook without notice.
Whatever you do, be REAL with yourself. Set some goals and stick to them. Chances are you already know what to do and most of this information may not be new to you. Maybe you just need a shove in the right direction and a friend to help you get there. I hope I can be that friend for you.
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I appreciate you and look forward to hearing from you soon. Until then…
Live PURE!

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