Operation Skinny Jeans

2015 is here and it is time to begin Operation Skinny Jeans!  I don't know about you but despite all the promises I made to myself about NOT packing on the pounds this holiday season...somehow I let myself down and I didn't realize it till I got dressed to go out with my hubby Saturday [...]

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Keep Moving Forward

Soooo about a year ago this month my crazy sister in law, Tari Suttles began to embark on a journey to get healthy and she asked me for help. We started this journey by getting rid of sodas and junk food and drinking more water. In July she felt ready to start a workout program called ChaLean [...]

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All I Want For Christmas

The Holiday season is upon us, and with it comes more BIG NEWS!!  I know you guys are excited about finding P90X3 in your stocking this year.  One of the things on your Christmas list may be to finally find your abs.  Unfortunately that takes time to deliver.  You cannot do any last minute shopping [...]

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Importance of Stretching

C’mon, is stretching really that important? I mean we all know we should do it, but it is so boring. So why should we stretch? What are the benefits to adding stretching to your exercise routine? Well first of all stretching protects you from muscular pulls. If you have ever pulled a muscle you will [...]

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The Right Way to Measure Success

How do you measure your success and failures?  When it comes to weight loss most people use the scale.  I have to admit that I used to weigh myself every day, particularly when I started my fitness journey.  And as much as I hate to admit it, I based a lot of my self esteem [...]

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5K’s-Marathons-Obstacle Course Races, Why You Should Sign Up For One Today

You guys that have been reading my blog for awhile know that my new obsession is obstacle course races.  As I have mentioned before it took a lot for me to enter my first one.  However, once I finished it I was officially hooked. So why should you sign up for one today? First of [...]

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Team Lean Life Cure For The Summer Blues

So June is finally here.  Did you reach your goals of being bikini ready by summer?  If you did, congrats to you.  Now the key is to maintain it and not go back on that rollercoaster.  Having said that, if you fell a bit short of your goals don't worry.  The best part about fitness [...]

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The Key to New Year’s Resolutions

So we are almost 2 weeks into 2013.  If you made some resolutions for the New Year, let’s hope you are off to a great start.  Obviously if you want to be successful in your resolutions you have to make a sincere commitment to them.  Luckily enough, it only takes 21 days to form a [...]

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The New Year ~ New You Challenge

Are you sick and tired of feeling tired, not having the body you want, making excuses for not getting healthier and more fit? Are you ready to make a change but don't have the support you need at home? Then I want to invite you to join this challenge with me on January 7th. You [...]

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