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Grease is the Word

Grease Is The Word OK, not really, but I can't get the lyrics out of my head and now, neither can you. You're welcome. Thank God it's a great song! ;)   Just think about these lyrics for a moment.... We take the pressure, and we throw away conventionality, belongs to yesterday There is a [...]

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Goal Digger Day

GOAL DIGGER DAY I'm not sure who said it first but I've heard it said many times over the years, "If you want to accomplish anything in life, you have got to write it down and create a plan of action to make it happen." In other words, if you really want something, put it in [...]

Summer Bodies Are Made In The Winter

  Summer bodies are made in the winter... just not between Christmas and New Years apparently. ;) It's been quite a while since I have updated this blog. If you follow me on Facebook on my Coach Lynda page you can catch my daily posts, fitness inspiration and more there. :) The last few months [...]

Lynda’s Top 10 Personal Development Books

You asked for it and here it is, my Top 10 Personal Development Books List! Zig Ziglar said, "Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation." That is true when trying to reach fitness goals, business goals and any other thing you want to accomplish in life! If you want to improve your life in any way you [...]

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To Thigh Gap or NOT to Thigh Gap

Is that REALLY a Question?! I have to admit that I was kind of on the fence about  writing about this.  On the one hand it is a somewhat relative fitness/social topic.  On the other hand, just by writing about it I am giving it some unnecessary validation.  I suppose that is the risk  you [...]

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Body Beast & TurboFire Challenge Packs now on SALE!

Although August is halfway over, I just wanted to remind you that  Body Beast & TurboFire are ON SALE this month.  As you probably know, these are two of Beacbody’s most popular challenge packs.  Their creators, Challene Johnson and Sagi Kalev are ready to help you reach your fitness goals. So how do you decide which one is [...]

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Motivation: Where Does It Come From?

There are some days when you just don’t want to get off the couch.  Believe me, I know all about those days.  In fact I gave into those days for a few years in a row, before Is decided to take action.  Motivation for me came from the fact that I didn’t want to live [...]

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5K’s-Marathons-Obstacle Course Races, Why You Should Sign Up For One Today

You guys that have been reading my blog for awhile know that my new obsession is obstacle course races.  As I have mentioned before it took a lot for me to enter my first one.  However, once I finished it I was officially hooked. So why should you sign up for one today? First of [...]

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The Key to New Year’s Resolutions

So we are almost 2 weeks into 2013.  If you made some resolutions for the New Year, let’s hope you are off to a great start.  Obviously if you want to be successful in your resolutions you have to make a sincere commitment to them.  Luckily enough, it only takes 21 days to form a [...]

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