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Sweat More Bitch Less

  I'm looking for 5 people that are ready STOP MAKING EXCUSES and START MAKING PROGRESS! Are you READY to SWEAT MORE & BITCH LESS? If so, message me TODAY! You'll get.... * Meal Plan * Full workout program you can do in your own home plus a free bonus workout * Daily Accountability & [...]

Obsessed with the PiYo Workout

Strangest thing EVER....I think I'm actually OBSESSED with the PiYo Workout. Honestly. It's weird. I don't LOVE to workout, at least I didn't until NOW. I mean don't get me wrong, I LOVE the results, I love the way I feel AFTER the workouts but I never LOVED actually working out before. I've even enjoyed [...]

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How To Get Rid of Loose Skin After Weight Loss

One thing no one tells you when you start your weight loss journey is that if you lose a LOT of weight, excess skin can be a problem. Stretch marks aren't just for women either, men can get them too. Since it is a problem that I get asked about all the time I figured [...]

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I’m a Certified PiYo Fitness Instructor

Ahhhh April 27th, 2014…..Definitely a HAPPY DAY for me!!! The day I became a Certified PiYo Fitness Instructor...is the day that I learned ANOTHER way to help people get into the BEST physical condition of their lives! Helping people get healthy is definitely my passion, in fact it’s my true calling that I only wish I [...]

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