Getting Healthy -Where to Begin

Getting Healthy - Where to Begin You don't have to be great to start, you just have to start to be great. ~ Zig Ziglar This is my fabulous niece, Whitney and my sister in law, Tari. Take a cue from their attitude and have FUN in the struggle. :) Getting Healthy and [...]

5 Things You Should Know Before Deciding to Be a Coach

Here are 5 things you should know before deciding to be a Coach!   #1 - Coaching is NOT a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”   If your number one priority is making a lot of money... You might as well save your $39.95 (sign up cost) and keep looking for the right opportunity for you... Because [...]

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5 Fitness Gifts Your Man Will Love

  What do you get the guy on your gift list that has it all? The gift of HEALTH of course! I have 5 fitness gifts that your man will love! To make them even better, they are all gifts that will keep on giving for years to come as long as they use them. [...]

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Confessions of a Sugar Addict

In an effort to get a little healthier everyday I have been on a mission to slowly but surely replace all my bad eating habits with healthier choices. A couple of years ago I decided to Just Say No to Oreo cookies and Little Debbie snack cakes... my nick name was HoHo Butt if that [...]

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Supplements: Who Should Take Them and Why?

Ok, I have to admit that was a bit of a trick question to catch your attention.  The truth of the matter is if you want to get into the best shape of your life everyone should take some form of supplementation.  You have to keep in mind that when people say “supplement” they are [...]

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The Real Cost of Eating Healthy

I know I have discussed this before, but I still have people on a daily basis that will complain about the “cost of eating healthy”.  And I have to be honest I still am amazed by this, because all I hear is that “my health isn’t worth it.”  Now don’t get me wrong, I am [...]

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