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Eat More of This and Less of That

The picture says it all but I'm going to tell you what's on my mind anyway. If you want to change your health you HAVE to eat more of this and less of that. This all started with a Facebook rant after scrolling through my newsfeed and seeing a potential client who has asked me [...]

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Ultimate Reset Review

Thanks for checking out my Ultimate Reset Review! I'm Coach Lynda and I've personally done the Ultimate Reset TWICE and I highly recommend it to EVERYONE to do it at least once a year to detox your system and set the tone for a healthier diet and lifestyle. People are always asking me how I [...]

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21 Days to a Better You

Don’t look now but “The Holidays” are upon us.  I swear that Halloween decorations get put out earlier and earlier every year.  As much as I love the holidays with family and friends, seeing those Halloween costumes is a reminder of the celebration of gluttony that is about to begin. The truth is that the [...]

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