Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Don’t Worry, Be Happy


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I’m Coach Lynda! I’m a Certified Personal Trainer and a Diamond Beachbody Coach. My passion is helping others live healthier, active, more fulfilling lives.

Don’t worry, be happy! Sounds simple enough. It even makes a catchy enough tune that it made someone filthy rich. But is it really that simple? Being happy and positive on a daily basis just isn’t as easy for some people as it is for others.

I used to be clinically depressed, on prozac, 20 lbs overweight and in my mind I had nothing to be depressed over. Life was good…only it really wasn’t.

On the outside I had a good job, a steady paycheck, bills were being paid, healthy kids, a great marriage….but on the inside I wasn’t happy. I didn’t FEEL GOOD. I was tired all the time, sluggish, sad and I felt like something was missing. I was unfulfilled, unsatisfied and hungry for change.

I decided to start taking college classes to get a degree in business. That got me $20,000.00 further in debt and more certain than ever that I didn’t want to work in “corporate America” and be anyone’s slave.

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This is me doing my P90X workouts first thing every morning before the world can interrupt my day.

I started looking for ways to invest in ME personally. I bought P90X after a bout with insomnia led me to another late night infomercial. Desperate for change I spent money I “could’t afford” and COMMITTED to working out daily, drinking Shakeology daily and cleaned up my diet a LOT. I plugged into a network of new friends by joining a “challenge group” on Facebook and those 3 things were the magic combination that changed my life for GOOD!

I lost 20 lbs pretty fast! I learned to LOVE “healthy” foods, even CRAVE them! And best of all, I made new friends that SUPPORTED ME in my new lifestyle and I loved the encouragement and the programs so much I quickly learned that INVESTING in MYSELF was the best thing I could have ever done….and I wanted to PAY IT FORWARD and shout it from the rooftops to tell everyone I know who feels like I felt! That’s why I decided to become an online fitness Coach.  food-as-medicine-hippocrates

Are you or is someone you know suffering from depression? How do they eat? Do they exercise? Are they surrounded by people that lift them up or by people that bring them down? If you are living on a diet of highly processed and fried foods like I was and living a sedentary life surrounded by other people doing the same things…. then I highly recommend you contact me TODAY to GET CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH and join my next online accountability group!

I’m looking for people like ME! People that need help and are willing to INVEST IN THEMSELVES to GET BETTER. Please share this blog post, tag a friend in need or message me TODAY if this sounds like you or someone you know. I want to help others live their best life and FEEL GREAT again the way my friends helped me! Contact me via email at or via Facebook at Coach Lynda.

***Diet and exercise can’t cure all illnesses and you should certainly seek the help of a professional doctor before starting any diet or workout program. I suggest seeing a functional medicine doctor or a DO, Doctor of Osteopathy as they aren’t so quick to prescribe another pill as they are to get down to the REASONS you feel the way you do and help you reverse your illnesses naturally.

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Lynda Suttles
I am a happily married mom of two sons and I am 44 years young and in the BEST shape of my life, thanks to 5 years of commitment to constantly better myself through daily exercise, eating a whole foods diet and lots of personal development. I have turned my passion for fitness and helping others get healthy into my business by becoming an online Health & Fitness Coach.

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