Lynda’s Top 10 Personal Development Books

You asked for it and here it is, my Top 10 Personal Development Books List! Zig Ziglar said, "Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation." That is true when trying to reach fitness goals, business goals and any other thing you want to accomplish in life! If you want to improve your life in any way you [...]

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5 Things You Should Know Before Deciding to Be a Coach

Here are 5 things you should know before deciding to be a Coach!   #1 - Coaching is NOT a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”   If your number one priority is making a lot of money... You might as well save your $39.95 (sign up cost) and keep looking for the right opportunity for you... Because [...]

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21 Day Fix Extreme Review

The 21 Day Fix Extreme is going to ROCK YOUR WORLD!  Thank you for checking out my 21 Day Extreme Review. Let me start by saying, this program is NOT for beginners in my opinion even though there IS a modifier in this program to follow. In other words, unless you have been working out [...]

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Dream Job

  DREAM JOB CLICK HERE to attend my FREE 3 Day Intro To Coaching session that starts TODAY! Simply join the group and look over the info at your own pace. Do it in a day or in 3 days, it's up to you!  5 years ago if you would have told me I would be on online [...]

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Eat More of This and Less of That

The picture says it all but I'm going to tell you what's on my mind anyway. If you want to change your health you HAVE to eat more of this and less of that. This all started with a Facebook rant after scrolling through my newsfeed and seeing a potential client who has asked me [...]

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Can Shakeology Help Me Lose Weight?

      People ask me all the time, Can Shakeology help me lose weight? Let me set things straight. This is NOT one of those typical "weight loss shakes" everyone seems to have got on the bandwagon to make and add to their company's list of things to sell. Let me ask you this first...You wouldn't [...]

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Operation Skinny Jeans

2015 is here and it is time to begin Operation Skinny Jeans!  I don't know about you but despite all the promises I made to myself about NOT packing on the pounds this holiday season...somehow I let myself down and I didn't realize it till I got dressed to go out with my hubby Saturday [...]

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Ultimate Kick Start

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed lots of happy moments with friends and family as well as a few deliciously sinful treats over the holiday! Alas Christmas is over and Team Lean Life would like to invite YOU to join us in our 10 day Ultimate Kick Start.   With [...]

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