904 Fit Club has been up and running for only 5 weeks, but we have 64 members and 20-25 regular weekly attendees already!!!

I couln’t have organized such a GREAT Fit Club without the help of my AWESOME team of Beachbody Coaches. Being a part of the Bombshell Dynasty definitely has its advantages!!!!

Being the Oganizer of 904 Fit Club with the help of  my husband is defitely one of my proudest accomplishments! There is such a great feeling you get when people tell you how much they love coming to workout with you and that they can’t wait till next week!

My next goal, to get a bigger location and an average of 50 people attending every workout! BRING IT!!!

This was a workout held in a local high school where we got the the kids involved, they had a blast too!
Check out http://www.904fitclub.com/ for all the details!

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