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A little about me… I’ll try to condense this as much as possible for you. Growing up in Ohio I was always active. I walked everywhere I went, enjoyed horseback riding, hiking, playing sports in the parks. I was a total tomboy with twice as many guy friends as girl friends and I lived to be outdoors.

I moved to Florida to live with my grandma when I was 16, dropped out of high school after 11th grade, got a job, got married, went to Barber College, became a barber and eventually opened my own barber shop, had 2 sons and became a wrestling mom, (kind of like a soccer mom but sat in stinky high school gyms on hard bleacher benches on Saturdays instead of soccer fields). I found myself on the busy hamster wheel of life just going through the motions.

After 20 + years of cutting hair I wanted more out of life but I didn’t know what. I just knew that our sons had become teenagers and would be leaving the nest soon.

In 20016 I went to back to school, got my GED and attempted to get my business degree but eventually quit just a few classes short of graduating. I loved what I learned about business law and marketing but knew enough that I didn’t want to run up any more student loans on classes like College Algebra and Statistics as those weren’t going to help me in any business that I wanted to run on my own.

What I DID know at that time was that I love helping people and I’m an entrepreneur through and through so a fancy diploma wasn’t needed to get where I wanted to go and trying to do something that didn’t serve me was just overwhelming me more.

One day the feeling of overwhelm got the best of me anyways. Life got away from me despite all my efforts to figure it out and hold it all together.

I was 20 pounds overweight, suffering from ulcers, insomnia, candida, slow metabolism, weight gain & developing autoimmune disorders. I was sick and tired all the time.

At 39 years old I suffered a full blown nervous breakdown. I didn’t realize that’s what it was at the time but I cried for 3 days straight for no good reason. My husband urged me to go to the doctor and she gave me a much needed reality check. She pointed out that I hadn’t done much to take care of myself the previous 20 years and I was paying the price with my health. I didn’t eat right. I didn’t exercise. I didn’t get enough sleep, and I darn sure never took time for myself to just relax and enjoy doing something, anything I WANTED to do or enjoyed doing.

I had to change my habits….and fast.

According to my doctor, I was in desperate need of a change of LIFESTYLE and it was a HUGE learning curve for me. Years of fast food, southern cooking and taking care of my husband, kids, home and my business had taken it’s toll. I HAD to make MYSELF and make my HEALTH a priority again if I wanted to have a chance at a real future of growing old and being active enough to have the future I dreamed of playing with our grandkids and traveling the world.

It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t fast but I did regain my health back! I spent the last several years learning everything I could get my hands on about how to live a healthier life.

Today I no longer take any medications for anything. I lost 20 pounds of body fat and put on 15 pounds of muscle. I fell in love with fitness and got certified as a personal trainer & became a group fitness instructor. Today I’m on a mission to utilize the knowledge I’ve gained in business and health & fitness to help empower women make their health a priority and give them the tools they need to live a long, healthy & active life through proper nutrition & exercise.

I’ve built a business online creating unique programs designed specifically to give men & women the tools they need to truly heal their bodies from the inside out from the years of damage they may have done from dieting off and on, or just living a not so healthy life like I did.

My programs make living a healthier lifestyle easier to do for the rest of your life, rather than something you use to reach a short term goal.

Through my 1:1 Online Health & Fitness Coaching I can help more women reach their goals no matter where they live by scheduling weekly 1:1 phone calls or video call sessions to provide better accountability and have the ability to personalize & update workouts based on individual goals or physical needs.

This allows my clients more flexibility in their workouts since they can do them anytime day or night at home, in a gym or anywhere life takes them. They love knowing they have access to my programs and me wherever they are and I love knowing I am serving a bigger purpose in life, helping more people lived more satisfied lives and giving them tools that they can pass on to future generations for years to come!

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