Thanks for your interest in my online Boot Camp for Military Moms.

CONGRATULATIONS! You raised an AMAZING son or daughter that is brave enough to do whatever it takes to become one of the upstanding people that will protect and serve our country no matter the cost. Ok you can probably tell which branch of the military my son is in but I respect ALL of our military services and the people that serve in them no matter what branch they may choose. If your child serves, you are more than welcome in this boot camp too. 🙂

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As a Mom of a Marine, I fully understand what an emotional roller coaster you just got on. Some of you knew this day was coming for a long time and others may have had it completely sprung on you like I did. Either way, we all go through a roller coaster of emotions from the day we find out our children want to become a Marine to the day they finish serving our country as a Marine and rejoin the civilian life. Rest assured, you are NOT losing your child to the service, your child is becoming an adult that is doing something that 90% of Americans can’t or wouldn’t dare do. They are ADMIRABLE! And you my friends, are joining a sisterhood of fellow Military Moms, sisters, grandmas and aunts like no other!

When it comes to our children going away to boot camp we worry daily, we miss them, we write letters, send care packages, brag on them and sometimes cry in greeting card isles amidst complete strangers as we try to find just the right card to encourage our recruits to get through another day, week and month at boot camp but one thing is certain, you DO NOT have to go through this alone!

While my son was a recruit at Parris Island I found comfort in an online community (private Facebook group) of other mothers that were dealing with many of the same emotions and the one thing that seemed to help many of us was to get involved in our own personal boot camp while our recruits were away at theirs.

A few of the moms wallered in self pity, crying and eating Bon Bons or drowning their sorrows in alcohol daily which did nothing but make them more miserable. I’m not gonna lie… I had my bad days too, especially in the beginning. Don’t judge! 😉 It was the Moms that had been there before us that helped lift us new Recruit Moms up and settle our fears and that’s what I want to do for you in this group.

As a personal trainer and on online fitness coach I also knew that setting a new fitness goal to achieve, exercising and eating right would make us feel like we were fighting the good fight daily WITH our recruits. So I invited a few of my friends to join me in some online challenges and we loved it. We laughed, had fun, shared the letters we were getting from our kids and looked for our Waldo’s together (I’ll explain that one later in my groups) while we got healthier everyday.


Lynda USMC

As a new recruit mom we may not have been able to be by our recruit’s side, but mentally, we were right beside them every day fighting the good fight and somehow through it all, the focus of worrying about them became less and less and we became stronger, happier and more confident women. Not only did our faith grow stronger with each passing week and letter we cherished from our recruits in our sons and daughters abilities to become Marines but also in ourselves to become MoMs that THEY would be proud of when they saw us on their graduation day!

Believe me…there is NO ONE TOUGHER or STRONGER than an MoM (Mom of a Marine or Mom of Military) but it takes some time and support to gain that strength.

Like I said before, it was the Moms that had been there before us that helped lift us new Recruit Moms up and settle our fears and that’s what I want to do for you in this group. It’s also why I want a variety of Moms to join me no matter if your child is a new recruit or active duty or even a veteran…. we can all help each other become the best version of ourselves. 🙂 

Sounds pretty awesome doesn’t it?! I PROMISE you, IT IS! Almost as awesome as the moment you get to hug your kid at after his boot camp graduation like this…. I NEARLY SQUEEZED HIS HEAD OFF HIS SHOULDERS THAT DAY! I didn’t want to let go.

When it’s all over and your son or daughter gets to come home, they will tell you it was the best, worst, funnest, most horrible & challenging time of their lives and they wouldn’t trade it for the world! <3

Me and Lane at PI

I know many of you will feel the same when you graduate my Bootcamp for Moms of Recruits! 🙂

So if you are ready to get started you’ll need to do 2 things…

#1. Send me a friend request on Facebook at Lynda Suttles and let me know via PRIVATE MESSAGE that you want to join my Boot Camp for Moms of Recruits. Rest assure…this will be SECRET GROUP because as you may already know, sharing who we are publicly is not the safest thing to do these days for obvious reasons.

#2. Pick your program by clicking on the pic below. In my online Boot Camp you can choose any Beachbody Challenge Pack (Beachbody workout program of your choice & 30 day supply of Shakeology) and I will support & motivate you daily in my PRIVATE Boot Camp for Moms of Recruits Facebook group.

You will make new friends, share stories, exchange letter ideas, encourage and support one another and probably even establish new friendships that you will cherish with other MoMs for a lifetime like I have…all while you get in the best shape of your life! 🙂 If you need help choosing one I’ll be happy to help. Just message ma and I’ll ask you a few questions that will help me point you in the right direction.

#3. Get ready to become lifelong friends with your fellow Moms of Recruits! You’re in for a treat!

Click here to choose your Challenge Pack….



But wait, there’s MORE! =)

When you complete your boot camp with me and your son or daughter completes theirs,  you will get a special graduation gift from me to congratulate you on your accomplishments and to welcome you into your new roll as a very special MoM!





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