Ahhhhhh I’m SO EXCITED about this news!!!! When Beachbody announced that the newest flavor in Shakeology, ‪#‎CafeLatte‬ would be available early 2016 I could barely contain myself!

Chocolate Shakeology may always be my favorite but this coffee lover truly enjoys the new Cafe Latte just as much as my beloved Chocolate. It just tastes like such a treat….it’s a guilty pleasure without the guilt! 🙂

The healthiest meal of the day was amazing before but I don’t think they can top this one! Find out here why this is TRULY going the be BEST Cafe Latte flavored ANYTHING you ever had!

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Who are my Starbucks Cafe Latte lovers on this page? #coffeeloversunite

Did you know that you can make an amazingly healthier, even tastier version that is even CHEAPER in a blender at home in about 1 minute with just ice and water?! This is my grab and go meal of the day anytime I’m in a hurry! It’s especially perfect for Saturday mornings on my way to go teach PiYo Live classes because it gives me energy without being too heavy on my stomach. 🙂 #winwin #NoComparison


I know you have questions…I have answers!

Café Latte Shakeology’s Top 5 Q&A

Q: Does Café Latte contain more caffeine than the other Shakeology flavors?

A: NOT AT ALL! The caffeine levels in Café Latte are exactly the same as they are in ALL of our Shakeology flavors. So even though it tastes like coffee, Café Latte contains 75% less caffeine than an 8 oz. cup o’ Joe.

 Q: How does it taste?

A: Absolutely amazing! It’s incredibly rich, robust, and creamy with hints of Café and notes of Latte. It truly does taste just like a frozen coffee drink you’d get from a coffee shop, but Café Latte Shakeology has dense superfood nutrition as well.

Q: What makes Café Latte so special?

A: It’s formulated with WHOLE Coffee Fruit*—a coveted superfood powerhouse that’s native to regions of Mexico and India. Coffee fruit is the red fleshy fruit that surrounds what we know to be the coffee bean! Not only does Café Latte taste great, but the use of the entire plant also minimizes Shakeology’s carbon footprint.

Q: What if I don’t want to give up some of the other Shakeology flavors that I love?

A: Then get the Barista Triple Combo Box. This pack contains 24 single-serving packets of Café Latte, Vanilla, and Chocolate (8 per flavor), so you can mix and match your shakes like a true barista.

Q: When does it launch?

A: JANUARY 11, 2016!** While we’re not taking pre-orders, we are stocked and ready to start shipping as soon as we launch. So put a reminder in your calendar to secure your stash on that magical day.

*Patented Coffeeberry® Brand products are manufactured under license from VDF FutureCeuticals, Inc. **NOTE: Available in US only.


Not sure which flavor you will like the most? Get a 7 Day Shakeology Sampler Pack and try them all! 7 Days, 7 flavors! Have one a day to help you cut cravings, gain more energy, and kickstart your health while you see which ones you like best.

Already have a favorite flavor? Comment below and tell what it is!!

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