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People ask me all the time, Can Shakeology help me lose weight?

Let me set things straight. This is NOT one of those typical “weight loss shakes” everyone seems to have got on the bandwagon to make and add to their company’s list of things to sell.

Let me ask you this first…You wouldn’t put sugar in the gas tank of your car right? NO WAY! You know what kind of damage it could do if you have ever watched much TV. Well, when we eat poorly we are damaging our bodies the same way! Consider Shakeology the best nutrition you can possibly put into your body in just one little meal a day. HIGH QUALITY FUEL!

We can’t all make healthy choices all the time in the society we live in today with the busy lives we lead BUT we CAN make sure that we do our body some good everyday by adding Shakeology to our daily routine. It’s cheaper than a latte or fast food combo meal, can be easily made with ice and water and a shaker cup virtually anywhere and even comes in single serving packets you can take with you when you travel anywhere! So now it’s CONVENIENT too! What’s not to love???

This may surprise you….TRUTH BOMB—->It isn’t gonna help you lose a lot of weight… unless you have a lot of weight to lose and UNLESS you burn more calories than you consume in a day. 

It IS a HEALTHY meal replacement. Many people eat a 600 calorie or higher breakfast daily…replace that with a 170 calorie, all natural & superfood packed, amazingly good for you Shakeology and you WILL lose weight.

It was MADE for people who don’t like to eat their vegetables but want to be healthy and fuel their body right.

I am one of those people. I used to HATE vegetables and I used to eat like a kid. Shakeology has literally changed my health on a cellular level and made me CRAVE more healthy foods that I never ate before while curbing my cravings for junk foods that I used to be absolutely addicted to.

According to my blood work I’ve never been healthier and my doctors now drink it daily too because they see the proof of how good it is for you in the numbers and they refer it to their patients now too.

I have many clients that have reduced their cholesterol, stabilized blood sugar levels, lost weight, increased energy, stopped having migraines, lost weight and more. Not necessarily with just Shakeology either…most of my clients are getting the full meal deal so to speak. They do a daily workout, eat clean & incorporate Shakeology into their daily routine.

One last thing…yes you CAN improve your health WITHOUT Shakeology and many people do but because Shakeo has so many super foods (over 70!), vitamins, minerals and more WITHOUT the added chemicals or preservatives other shakes out there have, you CAN truly improve your health FASTER by drinking just one a day along with a balanced diet.

Do it for a month and you’ll never want to be without it again. Have questions? Ask me!

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