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***Coach Lynda’s 21 Day Yoga Challenge***

I’m hosting a FREE 21 Day Yoga Challenge. It is open to my friends and followers and friends of my friends and followers. (Sorry, Beachbody Coaches excluded)

I’m still in content creation phase for this group but adding people now. We will officially start together on August 31st but you are welcome to check out and try the sequences I have added so far and introduce yourself to the group. 🙂

I only ask that you do 2 things before you join please:

1. Send me a friend request if we aren’t already connected at

2. Sign up for a FREE Team Beachbody Membership HERE. Then send me a private message through Facebook letting me know you have completed steps 1. & 2. and would like to be added to my 21 Day Yoga Challenge.

(Step 2 just makes me your official Beachbody Coach and connects us in case you ever want more health, fitness or nutrition advice in the future. it costs nothing and you’ll never get spammed and we won’t sell your info to anyone, ever!) 🙂

***If you are already connected personally to another Beachbody Coach, ask them about possibly hosting a challenge like this for you and their clients. I don’t want to take anyone’s clients but I do want to use this group to help people that want to be connected with me personally as their coach.

After you have completed steps 1. and 2. above, request to join the group here…

Hope to see you in the group soon! Thanks for following me.

Your friend in fitness,

Coach Lynda

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