What do you want to accomplish? What are you dreaming of? What’s holding you back? 

When I was a kid I use to DREAM of being in the Olympics! I would watch the gymnastics competition and marvel at the way the gymnasts could move and what they could do with their bodies. I group up as a latchkey kid that didn’t have the means to join a local gymnastics club or team but I thought to myself, ONE DAY I’ll be GREAT and I’ll DO what doesn’t seem possible today! Fast forward 30 years and although I am not an Olympian or even a well known gymnast BUT I am doing things with my body that even 10 short years ago seemed IMPOSSIBLE!!! I’m here to tell you that YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!!!

about 2 years ago I started training with P90X on my own to take control of my health and get back in shape. I found it on a late night infomercial just like thousands of other people, ordered it and couldn’t wait to start. Then I signed up for my first 5K Breast Cancer race as motivation to push me to work harder to get through the 90 day program. Several Beachbody programs later (What can I say, I’m hooked because they work!) and here I am tackling not only 5K races but tough obstacle course challenges too!

I just finished the Superhero Scramble last Saturday in Waldo, Fl with a bunch of my Beachbody friends and fellow Coaches and it was a BLAST!!!! When you finish a race like this you FEEL like an ATHLETE!!! Here are a few of my pics from the race. I hope they inspire you to start somewhere and take control of your health. Start small or start BIG, just START!!! If you need help, I’m here for you! Enjoy the pictures & the show!  www.lyndalean.com

Before the race when we were pretty and clean. 🙂
Me and my fellow  Dream Team Coaches, Andy Sneller and Carl Hays. 🙂 This was their first mud race and now I’m proud to say that they are both HOOKED!!!
Me and my #1 supporter, my husband and photographer for this event!
I felt like Qbert jumping down those hay bales!
Hahaha, this one is funny! See me in the bottom right hand corner of the pic? That was after I fell the first time! My husband somehow MISSED me making it all the way UP the wall!!! LOL! It was the HARDEST obstacle but was awesome to tackle!!!! I got a little help from my friends as the pulled me up to the top! 🙂
I had to swim across this lake as I was too short to touch the bottom and walk across like my team mates did. Side note: It is HARD to swim in tennis shoes!
I was showing off my guns before I jumped in the hole that claimed my brand new GoPro camera that was on my head.

And there is the pit that I lost it in…. 🙁 That water hole was DEEP!!! Lesson learned? Get a helmet with a chin strap for the next one or wrap it around my wrist and hold it in my hand next time.

This is my AWESOME team after the race!!! We started together and finished together in typical Team Dynasty fashion!
 Enjoy and contact me if YOU would like me to help you achieve your fitness dreams!  www.lyndalean.com

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