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Eat Clean Recipes

Eat Clean Recipes

When it comes to eating healthy, eating better doesn’t have to be a miserable experience.  I wish I had a nickel for every time someone told me that healthy food doesn’t taste as good as the bad stuff.  I used to believe it myself and I’m here to tell you, I was wrong!

Spend some time in your kitchen and get to know how good whole foods are again! We have become a society that is addicted to processed foods and it didn’t happen by accident. We as consumers have been duped into believing that we can get better, healthier foods faster by just purchasing the quick & easy conveniently boxed prepackaged foods that tout tantalizing phrases on the packages like, “healthy choice, low fat, sugar free, fat free, cholesterol free” etc. and we have bought into it! Yep, sure have and as we have done so, our waste lines have ballooned into spare tires and muffin tops that we loathe to see in the mirror!

It is time for CHANGE my friends and I want to help you make it as simple as possible!!! Next time you go to the grocery store, start shopping the perimeter of the store and avoid the center isles like the plague! Why you ask? Because the center isles are where all of the processed, prepacked, contaminated foods are! To eat clean, you need to choose foods in their natural state. Think eggs, turkey, chicken, lean beef, fish, fruits & veggies. Nothing processed, just good old fashioned food in it natural state the way God intended us to eat it! Then go home and start preparing your own meals by cutting up your own meats, fruits, veggies and preparing them as meals that you can be PROUD to create and will learn to ENJOY as soon as you BREAK THE ADDICTION that you probably have to the chemicals, preservatives and artificial ingredients that you have been eating in all the foods that the big food companies out there have purposely duped you into believing that you gotta have and is “good for you”.

Are you ready for a change? Then start today! EAT to LIVE and STOP living to eat! Stop back often as I will be adding more recipes to this page regularly!