Hello ladies! I want to introduce you to my new favorite beauty products.

In 2018 I decided to learn a new skill. I set out to become a makeup artist. Not really intending to do makeup for others so much, mostly just to learn how to apply my own makeup like a professional. Skincare is something I never really gave much thought to over the years and now that I’m in my upper 40s I’m starting to really see the signs of aging and want to do what I can to reduce those signs and look my best without surgery or botox.

Along the way I met a woman that has her own makeup company. Her name is Xtina Harmsworth, she is a celebrity makeup artist and she is FABULOUS! Like me, Xtina truly has a heart to help women of all ages look and feel their best.

Co-Founder and Lead Artist Xtina Harmsworth has invested extensively in mentorship and education from cosmetic and entertainment industry leaders, with a focus on High Definition artistry for print and film. Having styled over 70 media personalities, Xtina and her team endeavor to make YOU feel like the star of the show, with unparalleled confidence,

Together with her husband and Co-Founder, Brad Harmsworth, and team of professionals, and the ‘Glambabe Tribe’, XMH Beauty’s philanthropic endeavors touch the lives of the extreme poor and help rescue children from the sex trade. Their current campaign is raising $100k for those causes in 2018.

I decided to join her Glambabe Tribe with my first $100 purchase of products. She added me to her private Glambabe Group on Facebook where I learned so much MORE than I learned from that professional and very expensive makeup course I paid a lot more money for.

3 things I love most about the XMH Beauty cosmetics line is…

1. How it holds up to the Florida humidity, sweat from the most vigorous workouts and even tears from those times in life when my emotions get the best of me!

2. It’s fragrance & cruelty free so it’s not tested on animals.

3. It’s also EU approved (which means it is free from over 1400 toxic chemicals!)

I have enjoyed XMH Beauty makeup and what I’ve learned in Xtina’s Glambabe Elite group so much that I joined her Referral Program because I was telling everyone about her makeup that asked me what I’ve been doing differently to make my skin glow lately. It’s TOTALLY WORTH IT if you are like me and want to replace all your old over the counter makeup with quality makeup and skincare products like I did.

My skin has never looked or felt better and it’s truly nice to be part of another tribe of positive women that lift each other up daily too!

If you are looking for a great starter bundle with all the basics, I recommend my friends get this one first. It’s called the Glam II Bundle and it includes : 1 Essentials Bundle, 1 Contour Palette, 1 Silky Face Primer, 1 Sugar Cakes, 1 Face Brush Set.

Contact me on Facebook or via email at lsuttlescpt@gmail.com or visit www.XMHbeauty.com and request your free samples to Meet Your Match today!

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