Follow the Cash Flow Quadrant to Success


Where are you on this Cash Flow Quadrant?

I’ve been in E, moved down to S, thought I made it to B and found out it was harder than I thought, went back to S and then I fell into a B that really did “work for me” and now I’m doing that and working a E so I can build my wealth faster and get into that I category. Are you following me? I know that that was crazy but stay with me for a minute.

Did you know that the left side of this cash flow quadrant consists of 90% of the population and only 5% of the wealth is made there, while the right side consists of only 10% of the population and holds 90% of the wealth?! Crazy huh?

To put it simply, your wealth is determined by which side of the quadrant you derive the majority of your income from.

On the left side the money you make is directly proportionate to the time and the wage or the value of the time you spend there for that wage.

On the right side of the quadrant your income is based on value completely separate from time. Money is generated while you sleep or even when you go on vacation here. 😉 Sounds nice don’t it?

Now that you know this it makes you wonder why we are “conditioned” from an early age to go to college and get a good JOB while very little wealth is derived in that box.

Crazier yet, so many of these people in the E and S quadrants belittle others that work hard to build wealth in the B or I quadrants because they “don’t believe” it’s possible to obtain wealth there, in fact they almost can’t wait for them to fail so they can say they told them so.

If we are ever going to be wealthy, we have to think like wealthy people do. That means replacing old, limiting beliefs with more effective and useful ones. We have to get CRYSTAL CLEAR on our vision to create a better future, to Create Success and Be Free! We have to COMMIT to move over from the left side of the cash flow quadrant to the right side of the quadrant as quick as possible.

The wealthiest people use this cash flow quadrant to their advantage…even if they start out just working a job in the E quadrant they strive to work their way into the right side of the quadrant by investing what they earn into a system or  business that will help them earn more freedom to they create a flow that builds their wealth faster and you can too!

Before you go thinking this looks easy, it’s NOT. Wealth and freedom doesn’t come to those who WANT it, it comes to those that are willing to WORK for it with PASSION & ENTHUSIASM.

Learning all of this really excites me to know I have a system that my team and I are using to leverage our time and money to build true time and financial freedom that anyone can achieve if they are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Watch this!

BTW, if you want to learn more about this #cashflowquadrant, check out Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom 

If you watched that video above, you heard Robert talking about how network marketing is a way to build wealth in your spare time to ultimately lead to true financial freedom with very little capital. I’m here to tell you, he’s totally RIGHT! This was an opportunity I fell into a few years ago by accident and I’m grateful for it everyday. One of my biggest joys is sharing this opportunity with other people who want to win like me.

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