One thing no one tells you when you start your weight loss journey is that if you lose a LOT of weight, excess skin can be a problem. Stretch marks aren’t just for women either, men can get them too. Since it is a problem that I get asked about all the time I figured I would put this video together for you guys. It’s one of those things that are PAINFUL for me to put out there but if it helps you guys I am willing to do so.

While I am at it I shot this video while doing the Plank and Core section of the new Piyo workout. You can see the loose skin area that I deal with in full silhouette. Again this is one of the thins that I like about Beachbody is that we help each other as we go through our struggles. This is just my way of putting out there and letting you guys know that there are certain things we all struggle with. Together we can reach our goals. With patience, persistence and support we can keep up the good fight against obesity and reach our ideal body.

How To Get Rid of Loose Skin After Weight Loss

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