Have You Found Your Why?!

It has been said that the greatest desire is to do something that matters. As I look back on my last 40 years I ask myself, “Have I done enough?” If I died today, who would care? What would they say about me? What will I be leaving behind that will leave a mark on the world? What is my legacy?

I have been a good person. I treat people fairly. I love my friends and family. I have always followed the Golden Rule. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I get my feelings hurt easily despite the tough persona I try to exude. Have I lead a perfect life? Not even close! I have made many mistakes,, I have let people down, I have fallen short of the glory of God, I have not accomplished everything I want to in life but I hope to have a lot longer to live to get things right. I imagine that if we all take the time to examine our own lives for a few minutes and asked ourselves these questions, we could all have similar answers. We are after all, only human.

As I look at my accomplishments, the things I am most proud of in my life, my mind instantly falls on my two sons. They are my pride and joy, the reasons I work so hard, the biggest loves of my life. They have grown into outstanding young men who are natural leaders. My oldest son works hard as a CNA and attends college with dreams of pursuing a medical career. My youngest son is a senior in high school, a role model for his wrestling team and he has goals of becoming a police officer after college. They inspire me to be a better person every day. They are kind, thoughtful, hard working and loving and it is my wish that they stay that way and instill the same values in their future children and grandchildren.

I joined Beachbody about 2 years ago, first as a customer and then as a Coach to hold myself more accountable to my fitness goals. Today I am a Diamond Coach that has a team of my own that I hope to grow and teach to be better people and to help others achieve their goals. I have been a barber for 21 years but I have come to love being a Beachbody Coach so much that I am transitioning into making it my full time career. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you are making a difference in the lives of others. Since my children are nearly out of the nest this seems like a natural progression to take. I feel like it’s a calling that my life has lead me too. We all go through things in our life that mold us and prepare us for what’s to come in our future. I am happy to say that I believe I am exactly where I am meant to be today.

My Beachbody clients are like my children in a way. When they ask for help and I am able to see them reach their goals one step at a time and actually watch them become happier and healthier people that live more fulfilling lives. The only thing that makes me happier is when I see them pay that forward by inspiring their own family and friends to do the same! As a mom whose children may be flying the coop soon, I am not saddened because I know without a doubt that they are on the right path in life. My journey is not over either, a new chapter in life has been opened and I have a new way to matter in the lives of others.

So ask yourself this, have you found your “Why”?!  Do you have a purpose?  What inspires you, or better yet what do you do to inspire others?  Life moves so quickly some times that it is important to constantly reassess where you are and where you are going.  Thanks to my family, and my new Beachbody venture I feel like I am headed in the right direction.  Please feel free to share your “Why” in the comment section below.  And if you are still trying to find your why, please message me and maybe I can help.

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