Health & Wellness Professionals

Health & Wellness Professionals



Because they didn’t go to school for so many years to watch people get less healthy year after year or to fill their medicine cabinets with prescription drugs that lead to more problems. They became professionals in those fields to HELP PEOPLE and when they were shown this opportunity… they saw what I saw… a WAY to truly MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of others.

I have found that many of them felt like I did before I found this opportunity.  They were tired all the time, stressed out, overworked and many of them were being told that they had reached a cap on their pay which is unacceptable to people that went to college for 8 years, continue their education yearly and work endless hours to help others and have serious personal lifestyle goals they want to achieve.

Turns out there was a glass ceiling after all, despite what they were told when they went to college. And don’t get me started on the way the health care field seems to be in new struggles every year with the rising problems of todays healthcare insurance.

Well, hang in there folks. There IS a solution for go getters like yourself! Just keep reading…


I can’t tell you how many times in my life I wished I could duplicate myself! I finally figured out how and now it is my mission to help other health & wellness professionals learn how to leverage their time, expand their reach & improve their bottom line like I did.

Many of you know me as a successful online health & wellness coach that works this business only a couple hours a day.

If you know me really well you also know that I replaced my full time income with this opportunity & retired myself from my full time profession as a barber after 24 years. Then I got certified as a personal trainer and taught group fitness classes for fun. However, I quickly realized my time was simply better utilized working my business online at home.

While I enjoyed teaching classes and helping others succeed in person, I found myself getting more and more run down physically and my clients weren’t getting the results I thought they should be. (We all know the #1 reason that is right? Nutrition…or lack thereof.)  I personally wasn’t able to keep up with the high demand of the clients and classes I was teaching and I realized this wasn’t what I signed up for.

Making $60 an hour is nice but not at the cost of my time freedom or my own physical health. Plus, I was making more money from my online business while I was sleeping than I was making in those hours I was working 1:1 with clients.

That’s when I started utilizing my Product Partner to help my clients and friends in the health & wellness profession get better results while providing them a system that DUPLICATES from home.

Today I teach my team how to utilize their time wisely with what I call a “Pure Health Warrior Power Hour” to expand their reach in only 1 hour a day which enables them to earn a lot more money from the power of LEVERAGE through duplication of our team’s efforts instead of just their own personal efforts.

Learning how to take time for ME and how to take better care of my own health changed my LIFE and it’s a gift I’ll continue to pay forward as long as I am able. You see,  it’s really not about the money for me, although that’s a really great perk, it’s not what DRIVES me.

It’s about making life better and having more fun and living life by DESIGN. It’s been nice to pay off my credit cards and be able to travel more with the extra income but what I have learned is that without your HEALTH and HAPPINESS, you got NOTHING. Life is even better & much more fun when you have a TRIBE of PURPOSE DRIVEN PEOPLE building a successful business together to enjoy it with!




So this year, and every year after, my income will CONTINUE to grow. Why you ask? Because I have on my side: DUPLICATION and REACH. Not only am I providing a service like you, but I am also able to REACH more people through the efforts of my TRIBE of Pure Health Warriors instead of just my own. Our company is already GLOBAL which makes our ability to earn absolutely LIMITLESS.

I am maximizing my earning potential by getting paid off the success of my ENTIRE team. Imagine if you got paid off all the other wellness professionals efforts that work around you too!

I’m pretty sure I have the COOLEST TRIBE on the PLANET! I LOVE getting to do life with them.

That is what I like to refer to as BEACH MONEY. <— (If you haven’t read that book, get it and read it ASAP. It will help you see the big picture that I’m talking about.) Earning Beach Money means that I can go on vacation and STILL earn a great paycheck while I’m away AND SO COULD YOU! I can even RELOCATE anywhere in the country and STILL continue to earn without losing ANY of my clients.

This income is RESIDUAL because our products WORK and the SYSTEM DUPLICATES EASILY.

I have no overhead, no contracts, no sales to keep up with, and the best part is, I never have to CARRY PRODUCTS… they are all shipped directly to my team & my clients via my company. (Think WholeFoods meets Amazon with a Costco membership. Get the idea?) I simply direct them to the products that I feel will help them most based on their individual needs and set them up with an annual membership for only $25 to purchase our products at a 25% discount whenever and in whatever quantities they want.


Let me be CLEAR, I am NOT saying to quit your day job…but if you are a health and wellness professional YOU can take the service you currently provide people to an entirely new income level by doing what you are already passionate about.


How much do you believe your income will grow this year? My income is going to more than DOUBLE working the same hours as I did last year. Why not consider doing the SAME by joining my tribe of Pure Health Warriors and adding our product partner to your list of ways to improve the lives of those you touch with your current business .  For as little as a ONE TIME INVESTMENT of $649.95 for a Business Builder Pack (which you literally get to EAT & write off on your business taxes) & $25.00 a year for your business & consumer websites, what do you have to lose???

What I’m looking for in a Global Partner:

  • Someone that is Coachable
  • Someone that has a burning desire to Create Success & Be Free
  • Someone that has Integrity
  • Someone that likes to have fun and has a positive attitude
  • Someone that doesn’t live life based on ‘Excuses’
  • Someone that thrives on helping others live their best life possible

Join my tribe and you will get:

  •  Access to 1:1 Mentorship & Coaching from ME
  • Pure, potent and practical products that actually WORK – so people WANT to reorder monthly
  • A professional website to help you establish your home office
  • A compensation plan that allows you to hop in at any time of year and you don’t need to be on anyone’s “strong leg” to build a successful business. We don’t have a traditional MLM comp plan, so say goodbye to that glass ceiling!
  • A highly duplicatable system & all the tools you need to succeed are provided for you and all are FREE.
  • Work with a debt free company that is 8 years old and has grown to $150 Million cumulative in sales  – and we’re on track to reach $1 Billion in sales by 2020!  And we are still virtually unheard of which means it’s highly likely that YOU can plant your flag in the ground and become the first one in your area to join our company.
  • Access to my private FB group for additional support as you grow your business
  • Be a part of the fastest growing team with my company and you will not only have me in your corner but also get access to the #1 income earners globally that are my mentors.


So, are you ready for a Breakthrough?

If You’re READY to Invest in your Future and bring your business to the Next Level, Click here to schedule your free 20-minute Breakthrough Session to learn more about my Business Builder Packages and to see if what I have is a good fit for you in your current profession. Spaces are LIMITED!

This is NOT a FREE Coaching Session. This 20 Minute call is to see if you are a good fit for my Health & Wellness Professional Mentor Program.