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How to grow your bangs out like a pro from someone who knows what she’s talking about.

I happen to be an expert on doing this since I go through a bang phase about every 2 years and I cut hair for a living for the last 24 years.


Here’s a few tips.

#1. Eat a balanced diet. You need protein, veggies, carbs and healthy fats to get healthy shiny hair. I drink one Shakeology every day and I SWEAR it makes my hair grow faster than anything. They don’t call it the healthiest meal of the day for nothing.

#2. Invest in bobby pins or head bands to get you through the annoying part of the grow-out phase to keep them out of your eyes. Oh and FYI the wavy side of the bobby pin should face DOWN if you want it to hold better. <— I just blew your mind didn’t I? 🙂

#3. TRIM your hair at least 1/4 inch every 6-8 weeks. Doing so will trim off the split ends and allow your hair to keep getting longer instead of splitting and breaking further up the hair shaft.

#4.Trim your hair on the dark on the moon. This could just be an old wive’s tail I got from my grandmother but there does seem to be something to it although I have never backed it up with actual science by measuring.  Supposedly your hair will grow back faster that way. Call me gullible but it works for me!

#1 BENEFIT of grown out bangs…. wake up to a good hair day like I did today! 🙂 Yep, that’s ME in the pic above. No makeup, haven’t brushed my hair, woke up looking like that with this silly grin on my face.

Hope that helps you enjoy more good hair days than bad in the future. If you enjoyed this little blog post, be a doll and share it with a friend.

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