junk food junkie lyndaHello, my name is Lynda and I used to be a Junk Food Junkie. I used to poison myself daily and by poison I mean eat And drink food that was like poison to my system like….

Diet Pepsi
Highly processed sweets
Fried foods out the wazoo! Seriously, Jillian Michaels would die and probably kick my ass if she saw what I used to eat on a daily basis!

Over time the combination of poor food choices and lack of exercise began to take a serious toll on my health and state of mind.

It took a nervous breakdown, a trip to the doctor and her asking some tough questions to slap me into reality and show me that it was time to make some serious changes in my life.

I didn’t change overnight and I STILL eat pizza and other treats ON OCCASION but nothing like I used to!

I ordered P90X and committed to 90 days of working out, following the schedule and doing my personal best everyday whether I felt like it or not. After I completed my first round of P90X and lost 20 lbs I felt accomplished and like I could stop and maintain but BOY WAS I WRONG!  I gained 10 lbs back over the next couple months and KNEW I needed accountability to do it again and get better results. I found a Coach and joined a challenge group, bought Shakeology at my Coach’s insistence and gradually started changing my diet as I learned how to make healthier choices.

I was a TOTAL SKEPTIC at first and fully intended to cancel my ShakeO after my first month supply but something CRAZY and TOTALLY unexpected happened… I began to lose my cravings for the junk food and actual started CRAVING vegetables for the first time in my life!

With the absence of processed foods and the addition of superfoods my immune system grew stronger, my taste buds woke up and I had more energy than ever to get through my TOUGHEST workouts!

I didn’t become some crazy fitness guru overnight! I learned over time and have been a product of the products myself. I failed along the way. I’ve hit plateaus and struggled and had days I wanted to quit…. But I didn’t! I have learned to love the struggle and enjoy helping others by coaching them the same way my coach helped me!

If you would like some help, message me! That’s what I’m here for! I even quit my full time job to do this exclusively! I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m PASSIONATE about helping others get healthy.

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