Life After Beachbody… doesn’t suck! 🙂 

Lynda pool

I’m sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on this blog. The truth is I needed to unplug from social media for the most part and make some tough decisions that I didn’t take lightly at all.

For the last year or so I have been struggling as a Beachbody Coach. Sure I “looked” successful for all intents and purposes. My upline praised my accomplishments as one of her Top Coaches of the week quite often, I earned free trips and even built a moderate residual income that wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either after 5 years of service with the company.

The truth is though… over the past two years I spent twice as much time trying to achieve success as a Coach, spent twice as much money on advertising on Facebook and watched my income steadily decline despite my efforts..about 50-75%. Not gonna lie…that hurt a lil bit, actually it hurt a lot and I’ve been struggling.

I LOVE to help people get healthy, in fact it is definitely my BIGGEST PASSION and what I feel that I was called by God to do BUT let’s face it…People can only work for “free” for so long before they eventually feel used up and get burnt out. That’s how I was feeling after 5 years with Beachbody.

I became a Coach for a couple reasons, 3 actually…

1.  I wanted the personal accountability to achieve my health &  fitness goals…I knew I had to walk the walk if I was going to talk the talk.

2. I had always wanted to help others get healthy and Coaching made it possible while I worked full time.

3. I truly believed that if I worked as hard as I have the past few years I would be a lot further along financially than I currently am, I never dreamed my pay would go backwards when I put in more effort.

I don’t blame anyone for this. Not my upline, not the company, not even myself. The truth is I KNOW I worked my ass off but when you “Coach for free” or give away your services in any field… well…you’re working for free and you can’t expect much in return. Knowing what I know now, I just couldn’t in good faith try to get anyone else to join my team as a Coach and promise them any kind of success.

The past several months I did a lot of praying about what direction I should take in life. My income with Beachbody had declined so much despite the time I put into the business that I knew something had to change. I was trying to decide if I should get another full time job, maybe go back to cutting hair or search for something else that would still allow me the freedom I had come to love about working with a network marketing company… being able to work from anywhere on my phone as long as I have a connection is a pretty nice perk. 🙂

Back in January my friend and chiropractor asked me to check out a business opportunity she had. I was super skeptical and honestly knew it was network marketing and didn’t even want to see it because I felt “married” to Beachbody and didn’t want to “cheat” on the company. Ellan was persistent though so eventually I decided to go hear her out because I knew she was passionate about nutrition and wouldn’t promote or sell anything that wasn’t truly amazing.

Let’s just say that 30 minute presentation BLEW MY MIND. The products WERE absolutely AMAZING and I knew the minute I read the labels that I could help change a LOT of lives with them. They just went right in line with everything I had been learning about a whole food diet and how it can impact our health over the past few months!

I only had one problem… I had already decided to give Beachbody 1 more year and all my best efforts to make it work so I told her I loved what I saw but I couldn’t do it at this time.

4 months later I was more miserable than ever….even after going on a Beachbody Success Club Cruise with all my closest Beachbody friends… What happened was, a bunch of us were talking and realized we weren’t alone in our feelings. Quite a few of us felt the same way. We were so sick and tired spinning our wheels and not getting anywhere that we were all looking for something different. We were all feeling desperate to help our friends and clients get healthy and to truly build a life changing business but were completely burnt out on running challenge groups and trying to sell products to our friends for points!

I had been given the golden key to the door of opportunity… I just had to unlock it and share it.

door of opportunity

So I finally did. On April 16th, a couple days after my last blog post, I took a leap of faith and joined Genesis Pure as an Independent Business Owner. I started out slowly and cautiously. I couldn’t approach my Beachbody friends or customers with my new opportunity as long as I was a Coach for ethical reasons and once I let the cat out of the bag Beachbody asked me to terminate my position as a Coach because I was a Star Diamond Coach. I had hoped to simply drop my rank and stay active as a Coach to continue to help all my friends and customers that I had gladly helped for the past few years but they wouldn’t allow it. Later I can sign back up as a Coach and my old customers can request a Coach Switch back to me if they like but for now they (or perhaps, you) have all be reassigned to my old Coach, Lindsay Matway.

Lynda after Beachbody

I may no longer be a Beachbody Coach but I am taking my health and wellness more serious than ever. I still workout, follow a whole foods diet and help others learn how to live a healthier life.

Other than being off of social media a lot more these days I’ve also been cleansing my body of toxins, balancing my PH and hormones and building it up with whole foods and over 230 organic vitamins, minerals and superfoods daily. My skin has never been clearer and I’ve never felt better mentally and physically!

Many of you that follow me on Facebook have been asking and my answer is YES, I’m definitely happy with the choice I’ve made to leave Beachbody. So blessed to have been shown the light! ?????? (Thanks Dr. Duke!) I’m LOVING the results I’m getting from the new products I’m on. My TEAM is AMAZING and we are LOVING the way we get to do business and LIFE together now! I can’t believe how FAST we are growing but it’s because our system is SIMPLE and easily DUPLICATED and once people try our products they would rather give up cable TV than get off of them! #TrueStory

Every single day I get new messages from my friends that are using the Genesis Pure products now singing the praises of better sleep, improved digestion, less aches and pains, glowing skin, improved moods and no more brain fog…their bodies are actually healing themselves by getting pure, powerful and very potent nutrition from the Genesis Pure products. (I’m not making claims that our products cure anything but people are telling me about some pretty radical results!)

If you would like to learn more about how you can join my team or about the Genesis Pure product line, please contact me at 904-626-0343 for more info. Leave a voice mail or text and let me know the best time to reach you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

All my best!




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