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Hello. My name is Lynda and I have a MomBod.

One thing I always strive to be is authentic. I’m not getting any younger. I’m 43, I have two grown sons (ages 23 and 20) and my body is far from perfect. I have my fair share of loose skin and stretch marks thanks to developing a severe case of Toxemia while I was in labor with my first son.

Before going into the hospital to deliver I had only gained 25 pounds. With the onset of toxemia and 36 hours of labor… I packed on another 17 pounds within a few hours and my skin never recovered.

Oh! I quickly lost the weight and within a few weeks of having my first son I was back in my pre-pregnancy clothes but with some extra skin to squeeze in them. Ahh the joys of being 20 years old and having a great metabolism!

While the birth of my second son was easier (only 12 hours of labor) I didn’t bounce back so easily with child number 2. I was stuck in a size 11 and thought I’d never get the weight off. My youth and metabolism was no longer on my side thanks to my poor diet of pizza, fast food and Oreo cookies.

I’ve tried everything from the Adkins Diet to diet pills and skin creams and nothing has worked to help me lose weight and keep it off or to improve my skin tone better than a CLEAN DIET and 30 minutes a day of intense exercise. And I’ll admit… I’ve even tried those silly wraps and they don’t work either!

The bottom line is… I’m a woman. I’ve had babies. I’ve done damage to my body with poor habits and I’ve learned a lot through all my trials and errors.

I’ve learned to love the skin I’m in and appreciate all the amazing things I can do in this body. I’m healthier today and can do more now than I could in my teens and 20s!

Being a mom I know how hard it is to put yourself first and to spend money on yourself but I’m here to tell you…YOU SHOULD. You have to be WILLING to INVEST your time and a little money in your HEALTH. Those who don’t make time for fitness will eventually make time for illness. Trust me… I suffered from a nervous breakdown and clinical depression brought on by a poor diet, zero exercise and not taking any time to take care of ME.

Wise words from my doctor, “Take time to take care of YOU FIRST and you’ll be able to take better care of your loved ones in the long run.” 

Within 30 days of changing my eating habits, replacing one meal a day with Shakeology and exercising daily with P90X, I felt like a new woman and I’ve never looked back! 

lynda before and after
I’m here to help others learn to appreciate themselves and to teach people the importance of improving your health so you can leave a healthy ripple effect on your family for generations to come.

It’s never too late to start! Contact me if you need some help. And if you know someone that needs to hear this message, please feel free to share.


Coach Lynda


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