Getting healthy is a choice. Motivation comes from all sorts of things. Maybe it’s a summer vacation and you want to look good on the beach. Maybe it’s a high school reunion you want to look and feel your best for or a wedding you will attend soon. Special events are a big reason but looks aren’t everything.

For some, it takes a major health scare to be a wake up call that shocks them into reality and tells them it’s time to take action. Unfortunately, when it gets to that time it can be too late. Thankfully, not always.

I coach because I want to help people get healthy before weight related illnesses set in. I want to teach people how to make gradual changes in their lifestyle and create healthy habits that will last a lifetime and that their family’s can benefit from and pass down for generations.

I do this because I have had reasons of my own. I know what it’s like to be miserable in my own body and I know what it takes to change.

I can help but we all have to decide when we are ready on our own and commit to making the necessary changes.

It’s a beautiful thing when I have a challenge group wake up excited to post their sweaty pics in my private Facebook groups for accountability every morning! Many of them have already got their workout done before I’ve had my first cup of coffee and they encourage ME to MAKE IT HAPPEN too.

Make it happen

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