Nutri Ninja or NutriBullet?

There are so many options but I personally narrowed it down to these two brands based on price point and convenient sizes for travel.  I personally was a amazed at how difficult it was to decide between these two blenders when they were on the shelf in front of me.

 I mean really… I just want a reliable  blender that will blend my ice into fluffy snow and my fruits and veggies into soft-serve ice-cream consistency so I’m not crunching on ice chunks and choking down great globs of goop instead of enjoying a seriously smooth smoothie like we pay quadruple the price for at the smoothie shack on the corner. Are you with me on this? Is this too much to ask? I think not!


With the new year rapidly approaching, a bunch of friends and I are embarking on a health and wellness journey in January like most of the nation resolves to do…. but this isn’t a diet and we will succeed… because THIS is more of a healthy LIFESTYLE than a diet and I’ve been enjoying it myself since April of this year and am pretty excited to share with my friends in the new year.

It’s called Rally 28 by Genesis Pure and it’s an amazing stepping stone into a life of enjoying the rewards of a whole foods lifestyle. Say goodbye to excess weight, chronic irritability, brain fog, and hormone imbalances. Say see ya later to aches and pain caused by inflammation. Start sleeping like a baby at night and say hello to a new found energy that lasts all day!  Oh.. and no blender is actually required but I personally have some serious issues with food textures and I have come to learn that I’m not the only one. 😛 Maybe you do too? If so, tell me about them below! I love to hear that I’m not the only weirdo on the planet!

So anyways back to the point of this blog.

2 days ago, I was in JC Penney’s loaded with my JCP Rewards and Christmas cash all excited to make my new blender purchase when I was hit with so many options I didn’t know what to get despite the fact I thought I had it all worked out before I got there. My plan was to purchase the Nutri Ninja simply because I am 100% in LOVE with the Ninja Express Chopper that I purchased a few weeks ago and I thought the blender must be equally as awesome. Doesn’t everyone make choices like this? Seems logical to me!

Yet there I stood completely baffled looking at all the options that each brand had to offer. Does this ever happen to you? I get easily distracted by sale prices, pretty colors and fancy options that I’ll most likely never use and usually my husband is there with me to keep me on my intended path, but not this time. I was completely on my own without so much as a single sales associate anywhere in sight to even ask for help so I did what any sane person would do these days. I jumped on Facebook on my trusty iPhone and asked my friends for their opinions of course!

I narrowed it down to two choices and my question was simple…

Nutri Ninja or NutriBullet?


It didn’t take long before I had 14 emphatic votes for the Nutri Ninja, 5 for the Nutri Bullet, 4 very nice votes for the Vitamix despite it’s MUCH higher price point and it not being the easiest to clean up, and 1 Jack’s Juicer fan comment on my post.

I love having friends that are so quick to offer their input, especially when it backs me up on my initial plan to begin with! 🙂 And with that, my decision got a whole lot simpler. Now I just had to choose between the 3 Ninja options and I went with the Nutri Ninja Professional because it seemed to have more than enough power to blend my smoothies to perfection but is also portable enough to travel with because you know how much we love to hit the road often and it came with 2 different sized travel cups. 🙂

So here I am today, yes, that is yours truly! 😀  I finally unpacked my new Ninja Pro and gave it a test run and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results as it mixed up the absolute smoothest smoothie I ever had in a matter of SECONDS!

Click on this pic to see my smoothie recipe on Facebook!

I hope this helps you out if you are stuck on making a decision between the Nutri Ninja and the NutriBullet like I was. Feel free to follow me on Facebook and maybe you can help me make other choices one day that I’ll share here in the future as well.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope you have a blessed, happy and very healthy 2017!


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