Ahhhh April 27th, 2014…..Definitely a HAPPY DAY for me!!! The day I became a Certified PiYo Fitness Instructor…is the day that I learned ANOTHER way to help people get into the BEST physical condition of their lives! Helping people get healthy is definitely my passion, in fact it’s my true calling that I only wish I found about 20 years earlier. Alas, there is perfect timing in everything and I have come a long way in my own fitness journey the last 3 years. It is my personal experience that fuels my fire to help others and I thank God everyday that I have been blessed to have been introduced to the opportunity to become a Beachbody Coach where it ALL began for me.

As a Coach I get to help people not just locally through my 904 Fit Club with classes like PiYo and Turbokick and other Beachbody home fitness workouts but also across the United States & Canada and SOON TO BE Europe!!!! With the internet our reach is endless as is the need to end the trend of obesity, the epidemic that is getting more and more out of hand every day.

PiYo is seriously going to ROCK YOUR WORLD!!!!! I could not WAIT to get certified in this program because I LOVED the way it was created and WHY it was developed. Chalene Johnson happens to be one of my all time favorite fitness instructors. She is motivational to the CORE and has a heart to INSPIRE people like no other and I truly want to be JUST LIKE HER when I grow up!

Certified PiYo Fitness Instructor

This is Genelle Seward, my instructor / Master Trainer for my PiYo certification. She is amazing and something tells me that we will be seeing more of her when the PiYo home fitness program is released on DVD. Keep an eye out for her! It’s so obvious that Chalene Johnson has had quite the impact on her life too.

Oh speaking of growing up…that’s what this blog post is ALL ABOUT! None of us are getting any younger you know. We owe it to ourselves to treat our bodies RIGHT and with so many different programs that are out there today that promise INSANE RESULTS in LITTLE TIME it’s no wonder we are wreaking havoc on our joints with all the high intensity. Now don’t get me wrong. There is NOTHING wrong with high intensity workouts when done properly and with care to avoid injury but they also are not meant to be done all the time. Your body needs time to rest and repair and there are other ways to get in better shape and PiYo will deliver results without all the intensity with a no impact, highly modifiable workout for ALL fitness levels.

So if you want to be leaner, stronger, faster & sexier? You do NOT have to hire a personal trainer, you do not have to go to the gym nor do you have to do high intensity workouts to get those results. You can get them with PiYo and the BEST part is….YOUR BODY IS YOUR GYM!!!!

Get ready to have your MIND BLOWN!!!!!

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Certified PiYo Fitness Instructor



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