2015 is here and it is time to begin Operation Skinny Jeans! The-Muffin-Top

I don’t know about you but despite all the promises I made to myself about NOT packing on the pounds this holiday season…somehow I let myself down and I didn’t realize it till I got dressed to go out with my hubby Saturday night and my favorite skinny jeans did NOT fit. 

Even AFTER completing my FIRST week of Insanity Max 30, I can only imagine how horrible it would have been to pull them on a week ago since I have already dropped 3 lbs and 2″ overall already in the last week!

Uuuuuuuugh!!!! Not my proudest or happiest moment to say the least, especially since I am a Coach. However, I am HUMAN, I am 43 and my HORMONES are giving me HELL!

Can any of you relate? Are you seeing a proverbial spare tire, muffin top, jelly roll or are you just generally feeling like a water retaining sea cow like me??? Maybe you are just having an extremely hard time pulling on your favorite pair of jeans and are learning to love your yoga pants more and more everyday? 

muffin top

DON’T beat yourself up over it. It happens. We get comfortable, lazy, satisfied, happy in our own skin and it can sneak up on us so fast we don’t know what hit us until we take a good look in the mirror one or see a family picture of ourselves or get ready for date night and BAM!, it smacks us right in the freaking face!

 It’s TIME TO FIGHT BACK! It is time to initiate Operation Skinny Jeans! Want to join me?

You’ll need….

30 minutes a day to workout and a DESIRE to SUCCEED.

You’ll get….

A workout program, a free meal plan, free coaching from me and the option to join my private #OperationSkinnyJeans Facebook Support Group for unlimited support, a healthier and new improved you and the ability to fit back in your skinny jeans again comfortably! 🙂 Fill out my Challenge Application so I can help you choose the workout that best suits YOUR individual needs to ensure you get the best results possible. Be sure to tell me in the application that you want to join the Operation Skinny Jeans Challenge too. 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.56.38 AM

I’m only taking 5 people so please don’t hesitate as this group will fill up fast! We begin January 19th, 2015!

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Keep your sense of humor about it all and enjoy this little Buzzfeed video… 11 Struggles Curvy Girls Know Too Well Your welcome!

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