Real Detox Program


For 30 days you will spend quality time in the kitchen cooking meals, preparing quick nutritious snacks and blending green smoothies. Each week the detox builds upon the previous week, giving you more and more delicious recipes, invaluable food knowledge, and tips to continuing a ‘whole foods’ lifestyle once you have completed the detox program. This program concludes with a week of plant-based eating.

What’s Included:

  • 4-Week Detox Program
  • Recommended Food-List
  • Complete 4-Week Meal Plans with recipes
  • Toxicity Questionnaire*


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*Toxicity Questionnaire is designed to assess your needs for a detoxifying program, make you more aware of what contributes to your toxicity levels and check the results after completion of the detox program.
Who is it for? 
This program is perfect for all types of client who would like give their body a short break from caffeine, sugar and processed foods, while still loading up on satisfying nutrient rich foods. It will provide you with a strict yet fad-free approach to quickly looking and feeling better.
 Please note this is not a fat-loss program. 
How long does it last?
It is recommended that you follow this program for 4 weeks at a time. After that, a more balanced and less restrictive long term approach should be taken. 

If you’d like more support to help you decide which program is right for you, or if you would like more accountability through 1:1 weekly coaching sessions, consider scheduling a 1:1 Consultation Session with Lynda to discuss more options that will best suit your personal goals. 
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