Starting Fat Loss Program


The Starting Fat-Loss Program was designed to help my beginning clients kick-start their fat loss efforts while improving their health at the same time. This program contains the key information and resources you will need for sustainable and realistic weekly fat-loss. The focus of this program is to create a daily calorie deficit so the focus is on food-logging and calorie control.

What's Included:

  • Action Plan
  • Calorie and Macronutrient Calculator
  • Complete Meal Plan Supplement Guide
  • Complete 4-week Training Planner
  • Fat-loss Training Program Progress Diary

Who is it for? 

This program is perfect for people who want to follow a proven, fad-free and sustainable approach to losing fat. 
How long does it last? 
It is recommended that you follow this program for 4-16 weeks at a time. While it is possible to remain in a calorie deficit for longer, it is a good idea to provide ‘diet breaks’ to those who have larger amounts of body fat to lose. 
If you’d like more support to help you decide which program is right for you, or you would like more accountability, consider scheduling a 1:1 Consultation Session with Lynda to discuss more options that will best suit your personal goals. 
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