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In an effort to get a little healthier everyday I have been on a mission to slowly but surely replace all my bad eating habits with healthier choices.

A couple of years ago I decided to Just Say No to Oreo cookies and Little Debbie snack cakes… my nick name was HoHo Butt if that tells you anything.

111612_hostessbankruptfeat-250x250This is something I had to be mentally ready to do on my own. I couldn’t do it because I was being badgered by my husband or threatened by my doctor. It was a decision I could only make on my own when I was READY.

Sugar has always been my worst addiction… some equate a sugar addiction to a heroin addition! Crazy huh? Well I never tried drugs but sugar is a TOUGH addiction to break!

How did I do it? By educating myself. The more I learned about how devastating sugar is on our bodies the easier it was to kiss it goodbye.


Now don’t get me wrong…I still have a little sugar in my diet (like in my coffee) but nothing like I had before. I also had a little help from something that I absolutely can’t live without anymore. SHAKEOLOGY. I was told that it would help reduce cravings and curb my hunger while improving my health daily. My doctors tell me all they can’t believe I’m 42 when they look at the results of my blood work and physicals.

Today my biggest addiction (besides Shakeology) is coffee and I’m trying to cut back dramatically. I like to drink 3-4 BIG cups throughout the day and today I made it all the way till 5:30 pm before I caved. Maybe tomorrow I’ll last all day but today I failed. That’s OK…everyday is a chance to start again!


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