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Summer bodies are made in the winter… just not between Christmas and New Years apparently. 😉

It’s been quite a while since I have updated this blog. If you follow me on Facebook on my Coach Lynda page you can catch my daily posts, fitness inspiration and more there. 🙂

The last few months have been a BLUR for me! Time really does fly when you’re having fun, doesn’t it?! It’s hard to believe that it has been 16 months since I quit my job as a barber after 24 years to pursue Coaching exclusively. I’ve never been happier but I’ve also never been BUSIER! Although I fully INTENDED to do this gig full time I still have only been Coaching in my SPARE time.

I have been keeping busy working with my husband in his landscaping business, traveling and enjoying being new empty nesters this past year. But I’m ready to start setting some pretty hefty goals for 2016 which means I’m going to be putting more effort into my business, my amazing team of Coaches, my faithful challengers and last but not least, myself.


We all know the old saying, “If Mama ain’t happy no one’s happy.” I’ve been an unhappy Mama once before and I learned the hard way what it takes to get happy again. For me, it’s eating right, working out daily and spending a little time each day doing something for ME even if that just means reading a book for 20 minutes in a quiet room. When I fall off my personal fitness wagon and stop taking care of me, it SHOWS. It shows on the scale. It shows in my attitude. It shows in my health.

While I’ve THOROUGHLY ENJOYED the holidays spending time focusing on my family and enjoying both of our sons being home along with my new daughter in law and two new puppies in the house, spending countless evenings out at parties and gatherings with friends and family, I’m wore out. I need to get back to taking care of me again…and SOON. 1930448_428487714017799_6037139458973137678_n

How about you? Are you taking doing what it takes to take care of you? Are you setting some new S.M.A.R.T. goals for 2016?SMART-goals


You may have heard, I’ve decided to train for a body building competition again…not just ANY one but the Beachbody Classic! It will be held in Nashville, Tennessee this summer at our next annual Coach Summit event. I can’t wait! I will be joining a whole bunch of other Beachbody Coaches on that stage that are working hard using Beachbody programs just like to me get the best results possible from now until the competition. If you’ve never worked towards some serious fitness goals with a group of positive, supportive, uplifting & highly motivated people online through challenge groups before, you’re missing out! I’m starting fresh in a new online support group doing the brand new Master’s Hammer & Chisel program on January 4th and I would LOVE to have you join me if you are up for the challenge!

Hammer and Chisel banner

Confession: I started this program and got through 2.5 weeks of it before my kids came home, Christmas hit and all the family get togethers took me out of my routine. I have to tell you…

I’M 1000% IN LOVE with it!!! Don’t tell my man, Tony Horton but I believe this may have taken over as my all time favorite home workout! It’s not easy, it’s definitely kinda crazy but it’s ALL ABOUT functional fitness and utilizing your whole body with every workout! It’s EXACTLY what I needed to take my fitness up to a whole new level and cure my workout ADD for a while! In fact…THIS is THEE PROGRAM I will be using to train for the Beachbody Classic from Jan 4th -July 2016! Want to join me??? 😀


Another thing I want to accomplish in 2016 is building a TEAM of Coaches that truly want to help others. I want to lock arms with a bunch of men and women that TRULY have a HEART for helping others and that aren’t afraid to WORK HARD for a couple of years to achieve LONG TERM SUCCESS and that I can call my best friends that will enjoy spending time together as a TEAM at RETREATS that I will host for my leaders at least once a year in the Florida Keys or maybe the Smoky Mountains. 🙂

I’m looking for people that are FUN, a little ADVENTUROUS, and with a LEADER MINDSET. They must have INTEGRITY, PASSION, HEART, the HUSTLE of an ENTREPRENEUR, and the DETERMINATION to do what it takes SUCCEED.

We have the EXPERIENCE and the TRAINING to get the RIGHT PEOPLE off and running, we just need some amazing new people that are ready to change their life for the better to join our Team Lean Life Rebellion. Sound like someone you know?? Have them contact me TODAY! There is no better time to start than RIGHT NOW before the New Year’s Fitness RUSH! Summit Coaches


One more thing I want to do in 2016 is COMPLETE more of what I START. Anyone else with me on this? I blame it on my ADD but it’s really a problem.

As you know I’m a big proponent of reading or listening to personal development books and I do this DAILY but what you don’t know is that I RARELY ever FINISH any of them before I pick up another new book I can’t wait to read and start on it. And when a brand new workout comes out before I’ve finished the one I’m on, I always quit to start the new one. I may need YOUR HELP on this one. LOL. Especially since I’ve committed to doing the new Hammer and Chisel from January – June and the new program by Tony Horton, Hard Corps 22 comes out this spring!

One of the books I’ve been wanting to read for a couple of years is Tony Robbin’s Awaken The Giant Within and I finally bought it and have committed to FINISHING IT by reading it and staying accountable with a group of friends in a private group on Facebook so we can talk about how we will implement what we learn into our daily lives. Let me know if you want to get the book and join the group, I’ll be happy to add you!

lynda Awaken the giant within

Speaking of books… this blog post is turning into one so I think I’ll stop here for now. Thanks for listening. Thanks for following me and more importantly, thanks for taking care of YOU because YOU MATTER MOST! <3

I promise to update again real soon! Seriously, it’s on my list of things to do better in 2016. 😉

BTW…. have you heard the news??? Cafe Latte Shakeology is being released January 11th! EEEEEEKKK!! Coffee Lovers UNITE! I’ll post more on this and other Shakeology news Jan 4th. Check back soon!Cafe Latte Shakeology

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