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I supposed once you make the switch to a new lifestyle, and experience the success I have it is hard to imagine why anyone would need to be convinced to make the same change.  However, we all know some people fear change, or don’t really have the commitment to stick with something if it doesn’t come easy to them.  Unfortunately, there is little that I can do for the latter group.  Hopefully one day Dr. Oz will get through to them.  The former group might just need a few more reasons of why eating clean is a good thing, and that I can handle.

First of all if you have fitness goals, then eating clean is how you get there.  I know some of us wish there was some magic pill that allowed us to bypass that fact, but as of the writing of this post it does not exist.  Your health is a big reason that clean eating should be a priority.  I honestly wish I didn’t have to remind people of this, but if you continue to feed yourself crap then that is how you will feel.  Maybe the reason that you need all those energy drinks is because you aren’t sleeping and you have bad fuel in the tank.

Tosca Reno clean EatingNot only does eating cleanly make you healthier today, but it makes you healthier in the future.  You know that far off place that you pretend is never going to happen.  How many medications and doctors bills in the future do you think you can avoid by making good decisions now.  People that think that eating clean is more expensive are taking a very short sighted view of the situation.  The truth is the food off the Dollar Menu may save you some money in the short term, but what about the long term costs?  How much will carrying around 10-15 extra pounds on your body for the next 10 years cost you in terms of quality of life?  And besides that, if you are anything like me, that comfort food never makes you feel better for very long anyway.

Now as I said, I know what it is like to struggle with this.  I still have my days where I want to pig out.  I think it is only human to think like that, but now that I have adapted the Beachbody Lifestyle I see all the benefits of this type of eating and never want to go back.  I think that is the problem many people face when going after their fitness goals is taking the short view.  You cannot decide to clean up your diet for a few months, get in the best shape of your life and then go back to how you ate before.  That obviously doesn’t work, and I think people know that even if they try to ignore that fact.

If you can’t seem to break the habits of eating processed foods on your own, perhaps you could use a little more help. It took me a LONG time too and it wasn’t until I did the Beachbody Ultimate Reset that I REALLY understood what those processed foods were doing to me. The Ultimate Reset is a 21 Day Cleanse where you actually are taught step by step what to eat and how to prepare your foods for 21 days. My customers have lost 8-30 lbs doing the Ultimate Reset and I can say for me, it has changed the way I eat for GOOD! You CAN do this on your own however, the Ultimate Reset truly gives you all the tools you need to SUCCEED so that YOU can learn to eat to live instead of living to eat.

The Ultimate Reset

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