I know I have discussed this before, but I still have people on a daily basis that will complain about the “cost of eating healthy”.  And I have to be honest I still am amazed by this, because all I hear is that “my health isn’t worth it.”  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a hypocrite; I know I used to think that way too.  However, now that I have realized the importance of my healthy that way of thinking is so foreign to me that I can no longer comprehend it.

shakeology-alternative-excuse-300x300I do try to empathize with people that say though because I have been there.  Let’s look at little closer at the cost of eating healthy.  Better yet, let’s look at the cost of eating unhealthy.  Yes it is true that you may save a few dollars in the monthly budget if you eat convenient fast food.  Even so you need to think of all the problem that temporary savings cause.  So many of our medical conditions are caused by a poor diet.  So ask yourself, which is more expensive; a Shakeology Shake, or refilling a prescription for blood pressure medication?

Whether you want to believe it or not, it really is that simple.  You are going to pay for your decisions one way or another.  If you choose cheap food now, you will wind up paying more in the long run.  Not only that, but it will also cost you quality of life in the meantime.

I know before I made the switch I was miserable.  I got so down on myself for gaining weight, and my health was terrible.  It was a vicious cycle that I couldn’t get out of.  I ate bad food, which made me feel bad and not want to do anything.  That led me to gain weight and get even more discouraged.  Maybe you can relate?

So do you really think that eating healthy is too expensive?  How much do you spend on your morning coffee concoction from Starbucks?  What I have come to love about Shakeology is that it makes me feel better for one.  It also replaces a meal so that is one less decision to make.  In my case, that is one less chance for me to make a poor decision where food is concerned, and that makes a huge difference.  Not only that, when you actually take the long view and break it down it really isn’t that more expensive.  The bottom line is whether you decide to try Shakeology or not, even if eating healthy is more expensive; aren’t YOU worth it?!


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