thigh gap

Is that REALLY a Question?!

I have to admit that I was kind of on the fence about  writing about this.  On the one hand it is a somewhat relative fitness/social topic.  On the other hand, just by writing about it I am giving it some unnecessary validation.  I suppose that is the risk  you take when you want to talk about trending subjects.  Sometimes you have to write about ridiculous things if  only to formally  denounce them.

Let me just say that this #thighgap deal is the kind of nonsense that  leads to women having body issues.  And the saddest part about it is that it’s perpetuated by OTHER WOMEN.  Men don’t come up with this crap, we do.  We create these ridiculously arbitrary goals that relatively few of us can attain, and make everyone else feel judged in the process.  It really is a sad commentary on our gender ladies.  Yes men objectify us, but we women can be downright catty and judgmental towards one another. And the sad part about social media is it completely removes empathy from the human experience.  You can judge someone in 140 characters or less and not have to see their physical reaction.  It is the perfect shield for cowardly bullying.

thigh gap

What really doesn’t make sense to me is why anyone would want a thigh gap?  Even the term is nauseating.  I mean suppose that if you have little stick figure legs then it is a sign of being “toned” (an equally nauseating fitness term).  However, what if you actually workout?  What if you squat?  What if you *gasp* have developed quads?  I can guarantee you that would #closethethighgap.  In fact there was a group of female fitness athletes that started their own campaign of that very name.

Molly Galbraith is one of the co-founders of Girls Gone Strong, and one of the coolest chics in fitness.  Her reply to this new trend was spot on, and hilarious…

“So if your feet are together and your thighs don’t touch, that’s called a Thigh Gap.

What’s it called if your feet are 4 inches apart and your thighs still touch?

Oh yeah.

Dem Quadz…”

The truth is we all have different goals, and should go after the body WE want instead of the body that other people want for us.  You have to be comfortable in your own skin before you can worry about what other people think.  Though I personally think that worrying what other people think is the problem to begin with.   That is precisely the kind of thinking that ends up making us miserable.  At the end of the day if you are happy with the way that you look, does it matter what random strangers or society at large thinks?!  And if you aren’t already happy with what you look like do you really need the added pressure of another ridiculous fitness trend that will fade away in 6 months, but not before adding to your body issues?!

My stance on this is pretty straight forward.  Decide how YOU want to look and ignore all the distractions.  And if you need help with any of this please message me.  We are all in this together.

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