I have worn many hats over the years. When I was young I was a daughter to my mother, grand daughter to my grandmother, sister to my sister, a believer in Jesus and a student to my teachers. In my teens I held the same previous titles and became some one’s girlfriend from time to time. I really liked Art so I became an Artist, at least in my own mind. I also loved PE class in school and I excelled in all areas of fitness. I LOVED it, I even dreamed of being a gymnast one day and propelling myself back and forth across the uneven parallel bars just like the gymnasts I had seen in the Olympics!

Fast forward a few years and I became a high school dropout, a licensed barber, a wife, and a mother. You see, I always had ambition, though it was pretty scattered from time to time. I knew that I could achieve anything I put my mind to, but sometimes I over rationalized things. I decided that the world had enough starving artists so I let that dream go. I quit school because I was literally afraid to go because of the violence in the hallways and the constant disruptions in the classrooms. I knew that I could do better on my own, without a high school diploma. I DO NOT recommend this to anyone today, I believe that an education is extremely important and you only limit yourself by limiting your education. I have said MANY, MANY times, if just ONE person would have spoke up and told me to stay in school and encouraged me to go to college, I WOULD have stayed.

Instead I went to a local Barber College and became a barber. A good career which I do not regret. I am good at cutting hair and I am good with people. I have made good money and have raised two children and kept my bills paid on the income from barbering along with the help of my wonderful husband and his income too, of course. Cutting hair is not, nor has it ever been my passion though.

A couple of years ago, I was like a lot of other moms in America. I took on new titles for myself. I was drained, exhausted, depressed and overweight. I was UNHAPPY. I found myself uneducated to do the things I wanted. I wasn’t sure exactly WHAT I wanted, I just knew that what I had been doing for the last 18 or so years was not working for me anymore. My doctor prescribed an anti-depressant which helped a a little but I knew that I needed a change and I needed it quick. I did not want to take a pill to feel better. I WANTED and NEEDED a LIFE CHANGE.

I enrolled in college classes to get my AA in Business Administration. A year and 1/2 later I was upset and frustrated and more irritated with myself. I found myself about $20.000.00 in education debt and unable to continue due to my lack of ability to care to learn Algebra. UGH! Add to my list of titles, college dropout. I am actually ok with this one though. I learned a lot about business and I LIKED what I learned. What I didn’t like, was the fact that the further I went in college, the more I realized that I REALLY did NOT want to go work for anyone, anywhere in the corporate world.  Yes, I know, that was one hell of an expensive and simple lesson!

Still working in the barber shop, raising teenagers and maintaining my marriage and house with my husband I realize that I am STILL unfulfilled and sad and overweight and unhappy. I was up late one night and watched the infomercial for P90X. Beachbody really knows how to grab people and suck them in during those late night infomercials!  I was CAUGHT, hook, line and sinker! I dug out my credit card and waited ANXIOUSLY to get my DVD’s and could not wait to start my own transformation!

I was sooooo excited when they arrived! I had visions of you healthier, sexier, more energetic and happy me in the near future! I began my 90 days and I thought the first week was going to kill me, but I kept pressing play because of the vision in my head of the new and improved me. I have to admit, the endorphins must have made me HIGH! I was so happy everyday I worked out but when people started noticing and complementing me on everything from my weight loss to my better attitude, I became addicted! It was like I got that old feeling back that I had when I was in school in gym class. A spark was lit and it was igniting a fire in me! I changed my eating habits, I exercised regularly, I joined a gym and I trained for my first 1/2 marathon. Yes, I became a bonafied Healthnut! 

Back in April of this year I decided to start Round 2 of P90X and this time I decided to be a Coach with Team Beachbody. I had been looking at getting certified as a personal trainer for a while but didn’t want to spend anymore money on my education til my last education debt was paid. I did a lot of praying about this, about how I could help people do what I did and feel better about themselves like I had and show them that they too can accomplish great things if they put their mind to it. Well, God put a few obstacles in my way to make me find MY Beachbody Coach and when I did, she inspired me to be a Coach too after I heard her story. I found out I didn’t have to be a CPT to help others get healthy, Beachbody has THAT covered! All I need to do is reach out to others and inspire, motivate and help them reach their fitness goals through the help of Beachbody tools like P90X, Insanity, Turbofire and Shakeology. (ALL of wich I am addicted too and can NOT live without ever again!)

My Coach has done for me what I want to do for others, she has INSPIRED me, MOTIVATED me and ENCOURAGED me to follow MY dreams! So here I am, wearing another title, Emerald Beachbody Coach LyndaLean, member of The Bombshell Dynasty and Organizer of 904 Fit Club!

What’s next for me? The sky is the only limit for me from now on! I am changing lives! Join my Team today at the top of this page let me know how I can help you reach your fitness goals! 

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