Mila® 100% Micro Sliced Chia

I know you’ve heard all the hype about chia seeds but I’m here to tell ya that Mila is NOT your typical grocery store/garden variety of chia seeds. Mila is 100% pure micro sliced chia!

Just one peek into the bag and you can see the difference in the quality as ours aren’t black like the ones you typically see. They look a little like pepper… see! That’s when you know you got the good stuff kids. This is top quality chia seeds which are grown 23 degrees north and south of the equator. Once Genesis Pure gets them they micro slice them so that they are open and ready to absorb liquid and so our bodies can get the most from their nutrition.


Chia seeds are prized for their ability to provide sustainable energy and have been a food staple in both the Mayan and Aztec cultures, along with native tribes of North America. Actually, here’s a fun fact for ya… chia is the ancient Mayan word for strength.

Genesis PURE™ Mila® is a super food that is gluten-free, trans-fat free, sugar-free, and is a superior plant-based source of protein and fiber. And an EXCELLENT one at that! 🙂 Mila uses different varieties of the chia seed to provide a wide array of nutrients. By combining these crops, you get a nutritionally robust product.

Right about now you’re probably wondering, What makes OUR chia seeds so special? I’ll let my good friend Rachel explain it to you in this quick video.

Mila Vs Chia from Rachel Garcia on Vimeo.


Mila contains the omega-3 fat ALA, or “alpha-linolenic acid.” ALA has been shown to support heart health; in fact, studies have illustrated improved cardiovascular health among those with a high intake of ALA- containing foods, like Mila.

Mila also helps meet the fiber needs of your family. The fiber found in Mila is predominantly insoluble fiber, a form of fiber that aids in the relief of occasional constipation.

  • Is a whole, raw super food and a natural source of omega-3s, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.
  • Is a blend of different crops of chia seed to help maximize nutrient density.
  • Contains 3 grams of protein.
  • Contains other important nutrients such as calcium.
  • Is a good source of magnesium and phosphorous — both important nutrients for bone health.
  • Contains 3 grams of ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) omega-3 fatty acid. Omega-3 fatty acids play a crucial role in normal growth and development and brain function.
  • May be a great vegetarian substitute for fish oil.
  • According to the USDA, chia seeds contain a significantly higher percentage of fiber than corn, rice, oats, wheat, or barley. Fiber helps promote satiety and relief from occasional constipation.
  • Mila can supplement your diet with plant-based fiber and protein.
  • Can be consumed on its own or incorporated into your favorite dishes, yogurt, and smoothies. Mila® can replace eggs or up to ¼ cup of oil in recipes.
  • May be a great addition to your pet’s diet. 

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In case you’re wondering if it’s good for your kids too, check out this video!


You can add Mila to just about any food or drink you want to get it into your system. One of my favorite ways is to add it to my HealthTrim 360 shakes. You really can’t hardly tell it’s in there! Another favorite way is to use them to make my Mila Energy Bars!

Mila Energy Bars

• 1 cup dried mulberries
• 1/2 cup dried goji berries
• 1/2 cup dried goldenberries
• 2 tablespoons raw cacao nibs
• 1/2 cup raw cashews
• 1 cup chopped raw walnuts
• 1 cup soft Medjool dates (about 10 or 11), pits removed
• 1/2 cup dry Mila
• 1/2 cup Mila Gel (Mila hydrated in water)

Grind all ingredients together (except for the Mila), in a food processor until a dough has formed (this might take a couple of minutes). Stop the machine and check the consistency: pinch the dough between two fingers and make sure it sticks together easily so that your bars don’t end up crumbly. If the dough is too dry, add a tiny amount of Mila gel – about 1/2 teaspoon at a time – and blend again until the desired stickiness is achieved.
Place a large sheet of plastic wrap on a flat surface and pour out the mixture on top. Gather into a solid mass in the center, and sprinkle the Mila on top. Use the sides of the plastic to wrap over the dough as tightly as possible, pressing, pounding, and shaping into a compact 1-inch thick rectangle. Once you’ve formed one giant energy bar, remove the wrap and cut into 8-10 individual bars and share them or wrap them up and eat them as healthy snacks over the next few days.

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