Women’s March Wasn’t For Me

In the beginning I wasn’t sure what this march was about. I wasn’t invited, no doubt because I wasn’t someone who “Liked” the Occupy Democrats page or wasn’t a part of Democrat FB groups or wasn’t invited by one of my democrat friends because they knew I voted for Trump. <—That BTW was one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever made.

Now that it’s over and we’ve all seen videos and images plastered all over the internet and news about it… One of my biggest problems with that march is that women and young girls that voted for Trump were berated for trying to march in that march “for women” too.

It didn’t seem PRO WOMEN so much as it was pro NASTY WOMEN. If that’s the message they were trying to convey, I don’t want any part of it.

I was saddened to see that it was such a negative campaign. From what I saw, it was done without class with many women who were protesting our president’s morals while showing a bigger lack of their own morals.

2 wrongs don’t make a right. Maybe it’s because it was a poorly and quickly organized event…maybe the message was skewed from the beginning. Maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it’s just because we have so many angry women out there (and I can’t for the life of me figure out why), maybe it’s because they are basing their actions on private conversations from 20 years ago that were never meant to be made public. (Lord knows i’ve had some very inappropriate conversations of my own that I would never want to be shared…that’s why they were behind closed doors with trusted friends).

And don’t get me started on who they got to be a public speaker for this event… Madonna of all people. The woman who has built her reputation and millions by portraying herself as a dirty whore.

And that poem that Ashley Judd recited, rather spewed with such hate and discontent written by a 19 year old girl from Tennessee. Wow, just wow. I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of life this young girl has lived to come to a point in her life as such a young woman in America to think such misogynistic thoughts about the men in our country. Why is her behavior any better than a man that treats a woman vilely?



Maybe this country has gone backwards about 50 years. If I were born 20 years earlier, I could have easily been a woman in 1970 marching for women to have equal rights, equal pay for equal work and the ability to work the same jobs as men if they were able to carry out the same jobs as effectively. I might have burned my bras but I doubt I would have ever walked naked in the streets. (not my style)

Trump didn’t take any of our rights away. He wasn’t even president for 24 hours when you marched. Doing that was never part of his campaign and I’m sorry but if you think he’s squashing your rights because he’s against late term abortion, he’s not, but you might be one of the people that need to look in the mirror and ask yourself who’s rights are YOU squashing?

He didn’t campaign against US (women), he campaigned FOR us as PEOPLE born and not yet born into this country. He is all for immigration…done LEGALLY…. the AMERICAN way.

I was sad to see so many people scream and make signs and say he wasn’t THEIR president…but guess what, I said the same thing about Obama. Not publicly, but I definitely said it and felt it and was reminded time and time again that he was INDEED OUR PRESIDENT as I paid the penalties every year when tax time comes along. Especially the last 2 years when because I sold my business and paid capital gains when in reality i took a huge loss…and then I couldn’t afford health insurance and yet I was fined anyways for not having it in my budget. Makes sense right? You can’t afford a bill so you pay a penalty that you can’t afford either. At least I have a way to make money and I am able to prosper despite who is my president because I’m a WOMAN in the USA that has the ability to make my own way no matter who is president.

(but I know what they mean)….they didn’t vote for him and I TOTALLY GET IT, but Obama WAS my president whether I liked it or not and so is Trump OUR president today, like it or not….so say you didn’t vote for him, don’t “claim” him if you want…..but at the end of the day, what are we fighting FOR or AGAINST??? Women need to work together to make this a better COUNTRY, to make it a place we feel safe to raise our children in TOGETHER no matter who we voted for….

But let’s get this straight…..rallying against the president of the United States makes US as a Country appear to stand extremely divided to the world. WE as a COUNTRY can NOT afford to have that appearance in this day and time.


I’m not perfect by any means but I strive to be someone my sons can be proud of.

I don’t know who will read this ridiculously long post. Maybe you weren’t the ones I saw all over the news, bashing our President, being hateful, littering our capital…maybe you were. I’m not judging you either way.

I don’t want to be a part of any negative campaign as a woman, so no, this Women’s March wasn’t for me and it didn’t represent the way I feel about most issues we women face today.

But… I do want to be part of something bigger than ourselves, part of a revolution, one that brings back FAMILY VALUES, GOD, and LOVE FOR ALL WOMEN, MEN & CHILDREN regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation….whatever….you know the “politically correct” list. I’m for ALL of the people that want to make AMERICA a better place to live by going to work and being a part of the solution, not part of the problem.

WE can’t do it by being “nasty women”.

But that’s just my thoughts and I’m just one person…

#KeepThePEACE and #KeepItClassyLadies

Peace, love and happiness to all,

Lynda Suttles

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